Fans concerned over Yiren’s upcoming break

EVERGLOW’s management agency Yuehua Entertainment recently announced that the K-Pop girl group will be conducting its ongoing promotional activities for its third mini-album with only five members. The agency notified fans that group member Yiren will be taking a breather as she returns to China between mid-January to the end of February. The 21-year-old is … Read more

Massive tree pins down cars, drivers escape unhurt

WITH the current weather conditions, road users are urged to be extra vigilant when driving. Although many abide by that advice, unfortunate incidents can still happen. What was a normal day out for two sets of road users turned tragic when a massive tree toppled across a road and struck two vehicles – a MyVi … Read more

Nasi Paku trend lands child in hospital

WHILE most takeaway food packaging is typically secured with rubber bands, some restaurant owners take it to the next level by using nails to prevent any food spillages. Despite its peculiarity, this method has been implemented for a few years and has gone viral, particularly in Kelantan. But recently, Public Health Malaysia took to Twitter … Read more

Woman claims car was illegally towed after floods

Many have lost their homes and properties due to the recent flooding. While most Malaysians are volunteering and donating to help the victims, some have taken advantage of this unfortunate situation to conduct unlawful activities. Recently an Instagram user by the name of Kyra (@wangi_by_cinta) shared how her stranded car almost got towed without her … Read more

Snowfall in Genting

HAVE you ever wanted to experience snow, but never had the chance? Well, you’re in for a treat! Christmas is in full swing, and now Malaysians get to experience the magical season in one of Malaysia’s popular attractions, Genting Highlands. TikTok user @pedzulkefli recently documented her exciting experience, and shared it with her followers. The … Read more

The merriest Christmas movies

SPARKLING Christmas trees, the unique aroma of hot cocoa, warm fuzzy blankets and slippers, and being surrounded by your loved ones – it doesn’t get any better than this. Celebrating this joyful season is more than just building gingerbread houses and baking Christmas themed cookies, it’s about revisiting the classics and the best Christmas movies … Read more

Motorcyclists rescue fallen car in a ditch

THIS is Malaysia. When it comes to saving those who are in danger or in need of help, Malaysians often unite to offer a helping hand regardless of race and religion. Recently, a video posted on a public Facebook group, Paradise Generation, showed a group of motorcyclists helping to lift a car that fell into … Read more

Declutter your mess

WHO would not want to own a tidy and neatly organised home that resembles a palace? Making sure your aesthetic style works cohesively with your home should never be a hassle, or force you to break your bank. You can organise your home with items you already have. Simplifying areas of your house makes it … Read more

Lift your fears away

PUSHING ourselves out of our comfort zone can be daunting. There are times where we would prefer to stay in our own shadow rather than be the one out there executing amazing things. The same goes for when you step foot into the gym for the first time and you are aiming to utilize the … Read more