Langs Road, Ascot Vale: Melbourne residents left without water for days after contamination scare

Residents suddenly left without water to drink, cook or shower in for DAYS after a contamination scare Residents in inner-city Melbourne left high and dry after contamination scare Crews noticed ‘discoloured’ water while inspecting burst water pipe on Tuesday Tenants have been offered bottled water and accommodation in a hotel nearby By Olivia Day For Daily … Read more

How to light a sparkler: Aussie baker sparks a headed debate on TikTok

Have you been lighting sparklers WRONG your whole life? Professional baker sparks heated debate after her startling revelation A video has caused a heated debate online regarding how to light sparklers  Baker Tegan ‘Tigga’ Maccormack responded to a comment from a viewer  The person claimed sparklers are meant to be lit from the bottom, not … Read more

CEO of Grocon, Daniel Grollo, is being sued by Bank of Queensland over home loan repayment

Construction tycoon is sued by major bank that claims he defaulted on a $12million home loan at the time his company was at risk of winding up Grocon CEO Daniel Grollo is being sued by Bank of Queensland over a home loan The bank claims Mr Grollo failed to make a repayment for his $12million … Read more

Today show: Karl Stefanovic loses it over two Kiwi boys with mullet hairstyles

Karl Stefanovic LOSES IT as two Kiwi boys show off their glorious mullets live on the Today show By Mary Mrad For Daily Mail Australia Published: 01:47 BST, 7 July 2022 | Updated: 01:55 BST, 7 July 2022 Karl Stefanovic couldn’t hide his excitement as two young Kiwi boys showed off their mullet hairstyles on … Read more

Kanye West threatens to SUE Mark Elkhouri Melbourne burger joint College Dropout Burgers

Kanye West threatens to SUE a small Melbourne burger joint – forcing the mega-fan owner to totally rebrand his business Melbourne burger shop was threatened with legal action by Kanye West’s team College Dropout Burgers featured a mural of Kanye and is named after an album The popular burger joint even has dishes named in … Read more

When Rupert Murdoch brought Jerry Hall home to Australia five years before marriage breakup

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall have ended their six-year marriage and will divorce, to the shock of friends who watched the happy power couple in the throes of love.  That was no more apparent than when the media titan took his former supermodel bride home to Australia in January 2017, about 10 months after their … Read more

AFL 2022: Olympia Valance, Tom Bellchambers open up their private wedding album

Olympia Valance opens up her private wedding album: Neighbours actress offers an intimate look at her lavish wedding to AFL star Tom Bellchambers By D. Lawrance For Daily Mail Australia Published: 07:41 BST, 15 June 2022 | Updated: 08:40 BST, 15 June 2022 Olympia Valance married Tom Bellchambers in a picturesque ceremony attended by 250 … Read more

Aussies set to freeze as air ‘straight from the Antarctic ice sheet’ surges towards the country

Five new polar blasts are set to hit Australia over the next two weeks as the country continues its freezing start to winter – the coldest in 118 years. A massive surge of cold air is forcing temperatures to plunge several degrees below the June average right across the country. The Bureau of Meteorology says … Read more

Brisbane endures its coldest start to winter since 1904 as records fall in Sydney and Melbourne

Proof you aren’t going soft: Australian city is now shivering through its coldest start to winter since 1904 – as cold weather records tumble, snow falls on beaches… and it’s not over yet Antarctic cold snap is sending record tumbling as temperatures plummet  Brisbane braced for its coldest day since 1904 as polar winds blast … Read more