UFC Gym Australia collapses into liquidation owing millions

By Kevin Airs For Daily Mail Australia Published: 02:28 GMT, 18 December 2023 | Updated: 07:43 GMT, 18 December 2023 UFC Gym Australia and New Zealand, once boasting over 10 fitness centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and the Gold Coast, has been ordered into liquidation by the NSW Supreme Court. The company’s collapse has left … Read more

The city Aussies are fleeing in droves – and the one we can’t seem to get enough of

By Stephen Johnson, Economics Reporter For Daily Mail Australia Published: 03:10 GMT, 18 December 2023 | Updated: 07:53 GMT, 18 December 2023 Australians are fleeing a congested big city in droves to escape high house prices and the ever-growing population as overseas immigration surges at a record pace.  A record 518,100 overseas arrivals flooded into … Read more

Jetstar launches massive ‘Jetmas’ sale with cheap flights to Bali, Singapore and more

By Pranav Harish For Daily Mail Australia Published: 05:49 GMT, 12 December 2023 | Updated: 06:33 GMT, 12 December 2023 Jetstar has launched a massive sale in time for Christmas with flights from just $29 across Australia and overseas.  The budget airline is offering discounted airfares as part of its ‘Jetsmas’ sale which got underway at … Read more

I’m an American in Australia and there’s a bizarre food quirk here that’s just plain crazy

By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia Published: 21:51 GMT, 13 December 2023 | Updated: 21:52 GMT, 13 December 2023 A young American woman who’s been living in Australia has listed four words she ‘can’t wrap her head around’ when it comes to food culture. Tate Duane moved from California to Melbourne last year and continues … Read more

I wrap my Christmas presents without tape to reuse the wrapping paper every year: ‘It saves money’

By Shania Obrien For Daily Mail Australia Published: 21:53 GMT, 13 December 2023 | Updated: 21:53 GMT, 13 December 2023 A young woman wraps her Christmas presents without tape every year so that she can reuse the wrapping paper. Lucy, from Melbourne, bought thick wrapping paper and ribbons years ago and has since recycled the … Read more

The Block’s serial buyer Adrian Portelli has $2.5million ‘luxury car impounded’ after being stopped by police in Melbourne

By Mary Mrad For Daily Mail Australia Published: 22:57 GMT, 12 December 2023 | Updated: 03:01 GMT, 13 December 2023 The Block’s serial bidder Adrian ‘Mr Lambo’ Portelli was stopped by police in Melbourne on Tuesday as he flaunted his latest luxury car. The flamboyant entrepreneur, 34 was pulled over while driving his $2.5million McLaren … Read more

This is why I always keep a pair of pink tongs in my car in Australia: ‘It’s my go-to diving solution’

By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:28 GMT, 7 December 2023 | Updated: 23:29 GMT, 7 December 2023 A Melbourne woman has revealed the ‘genius’ reason why she keeps a pair of pink silicone tongs in her car.  Brittany Nash admitted she’s not the best driver and often struggles to reach the ticket … Read more

Qantas passenger’s extraordinary reaction as his first-ever flight in business class is ruined when he’s suddenly booted back to economy for a strange reason

By Zak Wheeler For Daily Mail Australia Published: 00:44 GMT, 8 December 2023 | Updated: 01:27 GMT, 8 December 2023 An Aussie sales executive has been praised for his extraordinarily calm reaction to being booted from business class to economy in the first moments of a 10-hour flight. Jameel Rehman, from Melbourne, scored a business … Read more

Withers and Barlow families sell Australia’s 7-Eleven stores for $1.7billion

By Ashley Nickel For Daily Mail Australia Published: 05:22 GMT, 1 December 2023 | Updated: 08:20 GMT, 1 December 2023 Two billionaire Australian families have sold the country’s arm of 7-Eleven stores to its Japanese-based parent company. The Withers and Barlow families, who are related, have sold the 752 Australia 7-Elevens to 7-Eleven International LLC, … Read more

How Anthony Albanese is personally benefiting from surging house prices in Sydney: His investment properties are revealed

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese owns two houses in inner-city suburbs that have enjoyed Sydney‘s strongest property price growth during a housing crisis. Marrickville, in the city’s gentrified inner-west, saw its median house price in the year to November surge by 14.6 per cent to an even more unaffordable $2,022,621, new CoreLogic data showed. Mr Albanese owns a … Read more

NAB announces branch closures across the country including Queensland, NSW and Victoria

By Freddy Pawle For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:21 GMT, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 03:04 GMT, 30 November 2023 One of Australia’s big four banks has announced the closure of five of its branches across the country next year. NAB confirmed its branches in Teggeranong in ACT, Emerald in Greater Melbourne, Balmain in Sydney, … Read more

Why Sydney and Melbourne could end up housing 1.1 million more people by 2027

Sydney and Melbourne could together end up housing 1.1 million more people by 2027 as immigration grows at a faster level than predicted. The Treasury Budget papers forecast 1.5million permanent and long-term residents moving from overseas in the five years to June 2027. But net overseas migration levels this year have been higher than forecast, with … Read more

Taylor Swift resale tickets to her Australian Eras Tour opens – Here’s how you can score one and what you can expect to pay

By Jimmy Briggs For Daily Mail Australia Published: 01:12 GMT, 24 November 2023 | Updated: 01:29 GMT, 24 November 2023 Taylor Swift resale tickets to her upcoming Australian Eras Tour officially became available on Friday.  Swifties now have the chance to buy tickets already purchased by others who no longer need them through the official Ticketek Marketplace … Read more