Energy bills to rise by an extra £16 next year to cover unpaid customer debt

Energy regulator Ofgem has plans to put gas and electricity bills up even further  The planned rise would pay suppliers for the cost of all unpaid energy bills  By Sam Barker Updated: 12:11 GMT, 15 December 2023 Households face paying higher energy bills next year to help protect energy firms against soaring consumer debt. Energy … Read more

Fixed-rate mortgages could fall below 4% within weeks amid a price war, experts say

By Adele Cooke and John-Paul Ford Rojas Updated: 08:53 GMT, 15 December 2023 Homeowners can look forward to fixed-rate loans falling below 4 per cent within weeks amid a mortgage price war, experts said yesterday. TSB has slashed the cost of its home loans by up to 0.35 percentage points from today. The move follows … Read more

I bought a house with my ex but they won’t sell: How can I get off the mortgage? David Hollingworth replies

By David Hollingworth For This Is Money Updated: 12:29 GMT, 12 December 2023 My ex-partner and I bought a house together nearly 20 years ago, we were never married. The mortgage is in both our names.  Over the years, I have asked my ex-partner to either sell the house and buy one in her own … Read more

New rules forcing banks to pay back scam victims to be unveiled

Mandatory measures will replace voluntary scheme for fraud victims They relate to victims of Authorised Push Payment scams This is where customers are tricked into sending money to criminals  By Patrick Tooher Updated: 12:43 GMT, 10 December 2023 Fighting back: Scams typically involve a person who is duped into making an online payment to crooks … Read more

Nationwide slashes mortgage rates AGAIN: Cheapest deal on the market is now 4.29%

Nationwide has reduced its mortgage rates once again, bringing the cheapest deal on the market down to 4.29 per cent.  Britain’s biggest building society has today sent ripples across the mortgage market after it announced its eleventh consecutive round of rate cuts in four months. It means the best rates available are now almost 1 per … Read more

Evri named most hated parcel firm in Britain with the highest proportion of dissatisfied customers

By Lucy Evans Updated: 22:01 GMT, 7 December 2023 Delivery service Evri has been crowned the most disliked parcel firm in Britain, with the highest proportion of dissatisfied customers, according to regulator Ofcom. Nearly half of those who contacted Evri with an issue said they were unhappy with the complaints process, in a major survey … Read more

Autumn Statement winners and losers – and the tax cuts we didn’t get: LUNCH MONEY

By This Is Money Updated: 13:22 GMT, 23 November 2023 The Autumn Statement saw Jeremy Hunt deliver a 2p cut to National Insurance as he outlined his plan for growth. But it wasn’t long before it was pointed out that a continuing stealth tax raid and the downbeat projections of the Office for Budget Responsibility … Read more

A fifth of motorists waste £140 of fuel a year by driving with all four tyres underinflated, study finds

Millions of drivers are wasting hundreds of pounds in fuel a year simply by not inflating their vehicle’s tyres correctly, according to a new study. Mechanics at a garage in Wales checked the pressures of 100 vehicles in for a service over the period of one month and found that 72 per cent had tyres … Read more