Ombudsman slams DWP failures in telling women about pension age delay

Campaign: WASPI has protested about the ‘unfair’ way state pension age changes were implemented Women whose state pension age was raised to 66 have renewed calls for compensation after the Parliamentary Ombudsman accused the Government of ‘maladministration’ over delays to informing them about the changes. In a report published today, the Parliamentary Ombudsman highlighted government … Read more

Pension freedom costing savers £2bn as pots are left in cash accounts

Pension freedom is costing savers £2bn because their pots are wasting away in low-interest cash accounts Pension freedoms give savers aged over 55 free rein of their retirement savings Research shows more than 1.7million savers have taken their pension out in full One in three are feared to have moved their money to low-interest cash … Read more