Tony Abbott says companies boycotting Australia Day should focus on paying their staff more

Tony Abbott says companies allowing staff to work on Australia Day should be more concerned with providing better goods and services and paying employees higher wages over ‘politically correct posturing’. Australia’s 28th prime minister spoke about the divisive topic with the Institute of Public Affairs’ deputy executive director, Daniel Wild, on the think tank’s podcast. … Read more

Gold Coast mum calls for help in identifying cyclist ‘who spits on her car every morning’

Filthy moment MAMIL cyclist hocks up a huge golly on a mum’s car in one of Australia’s poshest streets – and you won’t believe how often he does it: ‘I have to wash it off before I take my kids to school’ Woman pleads for help in finding cyclist spitter Cyclist filmed spitting on car in … Read more

Where first-home buyers can buy a home near the beach or the city and pay no stamp duty

1. MULLUMBIMBY, NSW far north coast: Down 25.7 per cent to $1,036,653 2. SURRY HILLS, Sydney inner south: Down 25.2 per cent to $1,789,646 3. LISMORE HEIGHTS, NSW far north coast: Down 25.2 per cent to $437,806 4. TAREN POINT, Sydney Sutherland Shire: Down 24.5 per cent to $1,934,705 5. BAYVIEW, Sydney Northern Beaches: Down … Read more

Sydney company asks potential employees bizarre, discriminatory pre-interview questions

‘RUN’: Read the bizarre list of ‘pre-interview’ questions a Sydney workplace asked potential employees – with some bordering on discrimination Potentially illegal questions sent to job hopeful Questionnaire could be deemed discriminatory  Questions related to unrelated personal information   By Freddy Pawle For Daily Mail Australia Published: 03:27 GMT, 25 January 2023 | Updated: 07:49 GMT, … Read more

Major medical schools follow Harvard’s lead and pull out of US News rankings

A number of medical schools, including Columbia, Stanford and University of Pennsylvania, have followed Harvard’s lead and withdrawn from U.S. News & World Report medical school rankings. The schools have all offered similar explanations, arguing that the criteria used to generate rankings do not reward the best learning environments and that its preferences are overly influenced … Read more

Brisbane neighbour offers beer mid-argument to dog owner as they fight over excessive barking

Is this the most Aussie argument EVER? Neighbours erupt over barking dogs – but not before one of them politely offers the other a beer A man cracks beer mid-argument with dog owner The two were arguing about excessive dog barking  The argument subsided once the man took a sip  By Freddy Pawle For Daily … Read more

McCarthy accuses Biden of ‘playing politics’ with debt ceiling, demands sit-down on spending cuts

‘Here’s the leader of the free world, pounding on the table’: Kevin McCarthy accuses Biden of ‘playing politics’ with the debt ceiling and demands sit-down with the White House to talk spending cuts Democrats, who run the White House and Senate, have staked out the position that they are not negotiating on spending cuts to offset … Read more

Even Jimmy Carter found classified docs in his home after leaving office in 1981  

Former President Jimmy Carter once found classified documents in his home, according to a new report, illustrating the long-running nature of the records-control issues now plaguing President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.    Carter found the classified materials at his home in Plains, Georgia, and returned them to the National Archives, a person familiar … Read more

Jean-Pierre STILL deflects questions on Biden documents after Pence discovery

‘That’s not something I could comment from here’: Karine Jean-Pierre STILL deflects questions on Biden documents probe – even after Mike Pence hands over materials found in HIS Indiana home By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor For Published: 20:47 GMT, 24 January 2023 | Updated: 14:31 GMT, 25 January 2023 White House Press … Read more