Peloton loses $942M in one day as backlash over ‘sexist’ holiday ad sends stock tumbling nearly 10%

Peloton lost $942million market value in a single day after its holiday advertisement sparked fierce social media backlash.    The exercise equipment company was vilified Monday over the commercial titled ‘The Gift That Gives Back’, which shows a woman receiving a stationary bike from her husband on Christmas morning. She then documents her year-long fitness journey … Read more

‘Are they feeding you lines?’ Emma Barnett challenges Plaid Cyrmu politician over aides’ whispering

‘Are they feeding you lines?’ The excruciating moment Emma Barnett challenges a Plaid Cymru candidate on BBC 5Live after microphones pick-up press officers whispering in the studio Fflur Elin was challenged over noise heard by the broadcaster this morning Pontypridd candidate admitted party media aides were with her in remote studio Ex-student leader denied being … Read more

‘He’s two faced!’ Donald Trump body slams Justin Trudeau

Donald Trump slammed Justin Trudeau as ‘two-faced’ on Wednesday after the Canadian prime minister was caught on camera at Buckingham Palace mocking the president. ‘Well, he’s two-faced,’ Trump said of him. At a later event the president laughed at his own comment on Trudeau.  ‘That was funny when I said that guy was two-faced,’ he … Read more

Opera star Placido Domingo says you can’t compliment a woman anymore due to political correctness

Opera star Placido Domingo says it is impossible to compliment a woman nowadays due to political correctness as he reveals how he has been affected by sexual harassment claims 20 women accused Mr Domingo of harassment and inappropriate behaviour  The Spanish singer denies the claims which have lost him contracts in the US  In interview, … Read more

Council urged to sell ‘ugly’ £20m Francis Bacon painting for affordable housing

Cash-strapped council is urged to sell ‘ugly’ £20million Francis Bacon painting and spend the money on building affordable housing Lib Dem councillor proposed selling Francis Bacon’s Lying Figure No 1 painting Artwork owned by Leicester City Council could be worth as much as £20million In May, a Francis Bacon painting sold at auction for more than … Read more

‘Drunk’ female passenger ‘on way home from Christmas party’ threatens shocked train commuters

‘Drunk’ female passenger ‘on way home from Christmas party’ threatens shocked train commuters as she shouts: ‘Come on then take me!’ A ‘drunk’ woman on a train from London to Essex was filmed harassing travellers The woman appeared to straddle a man while telling another ‘come on take me’  Later in the video she appears … Read more

Steve Coogan, Mark Rylance and Ken Loach back Jeremy Corbyn and praise his hard-left manifesto

Steve Coogan, Mark Rylance and Labour anti-Semitism denier Ken Loach back Jeremy Corbyn and praise his hard-left manifesto for putting ‘needs of people and the planet over private profit’ A slew of left-wing luvvies praised his ‘transformative’ plans for the country  Some 40 backed a letter to the Guardian that also criticised Boris Johnson Many … Read more

Brentford Travelodge guests flee at 2am as inferno engulfs west London hotel

Terrified Travelodge guests were forced to fled their hotel at 2am as 100 firefighters battled an inferno on the outside of the five-storey building, which is ‘covered in cladding’.  Fifteen fire engines are at the hotel in Brentford, west London, after the blaze started at an adjacent building before spreading to the Travelodge. Around 160 … Read more

Jeremy Corbyn accidentally reveals he DOESN’T watch the Queen’s Speech

Jeremy Corbyn has been caught out claiming he watches the Queen’s Speech on Christmas Day in the morning – when in fact the annual address is always broadcast in the afternoon. The Labour leader has a cringe-worthy exchange with ITV’s Julie Etchingham in an interview set to air tomorrow night, when the presenter asks if … Read more