Pressure mount gates: Baby safety expert reveals why they are dangerous: ‘I would never do this’

Baby safety expert reveals the common parenting tip that’s actually dangerous: ‘It is the one thing I would never do with my kids’ Child safety expert reveals pressure mount gates should not sit on top of stairs They are easily knocked over and also function as a trip hazard  Hardware mounted gates are instead recommended … Read more

Parents shocked by offensive and out-of-touch daddy-proof onesie they received at their baby shower

Parents outraged by ‘offensive’ and ‘out-of-touch’ baby shower gift – sparking a heated debate about ‘incompetent dads’ A mum has shared the ‘offensive’ gift her husband received at their baby shower A family member gave him a baby onesie with the words ‘Daddy-Proof Shirt’ It also had arrows instructing fathers where to put the baby’s … Read more

Big W hack: Parents in awe after mum creates a dreamy outdoor boho movie setup for her kids

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Bluey accent change: American mum at a loss after her Bluey-obsessed son calls trash cans bins

An American mum has complained her toddler daughter has developed an Australian accent and uses ‘foreign’ words after becoming obsessed with Bluey. The mum, who goes by Kait on TikTok, explained her daughter now calls trash cans bins after watching the popular show. ‘We are clearly a Bluey household,’ she wrote alongside the video. An … Read more