Swissport baggage handlers sacked after footage showed them trashing passengers’ luggage

Two baggage handlers are sacked after viral footage showed them slamming Qantas passengers’ luggage onto a conveyor belt Two Swissport baggage handlers, contracted for Qantas, have been sacked Footage emerged of them tossing passengers’ luggage and slamming suitcases Swissport and Qantas both condemned the behaviour of the staff members  By Eliza Mcphee For Daily Mail … Read more

Qantas baggage handlers stood down as investigation into Swissport contractors begins

Qantas reveals the fate of its baggage handlers after they were caught on camera slamming passengers’ luggage onto a conveyer belt Three baggage handlers stood down over ‘unacceptable’ conduct in video Trio were filmed slamming luggage onto a conveyor belt at Melbourne Airport Swissport Australia said immediate action had been taken against workers  By Aidan … Read more

How to earn thousands of frequent flyer points by tracking your steps on the Qantas Wellbeing app

How travellers are scoring thousands of free Qantas points just by WALKING An Aussie traveller has shared how she’s racking up thousands of Qantas points Qantas’ Wellbeing app rewards users with points for being active during the day The woman said is earning hundreds of points a day by tracking her step count She shared her … Read more

Aussies trying to cash in their flyer miles and get refunds are put on hold for up to eight hours

Aussies trying to cash in their frequent flyer miles and get refunds are put on hold for up to EIGHT HOURS – and that’s if the call centre doesn’t shut without warning Qantas’ Facebook page has been flooded with customer complaints recently  Passengers claiming they cannot redeem their flight credits online  They are also complaining … Read more

Comedian shocked after his plane ticket with ‘extra leg room’ from Melbourne to Perth cost $1BILLION

Comedian is shocked to find his Qantas plane ticket ‘with extra leg room’ from Melbourne to Perth cost $1BILLION Comedian Dave O’Neil’s return plane ticket Perth has cost him almost $1billion  Mr O’Neil bought a return ticket from Melbourne to Perth with ‘extra leg room’ When purchasing the ticket the price was a staggering $987,999,999.00 … Read more

Qantas pilot suing Qantas after suffering PTSD from a midflight engine failure

Female Qantas pilot who claimed PTSD ended her ‘dream career’ is suing airline for $780,000 for allegedly not maintaining their planes properly after a mid-air engine failure Pilot is suing Qantas for more than $780,000 after suffering from PTSD  Jacinda Cottee was aboard flight from Alice Springs to Brisbane in 2018  Qantas flight experienced a … Read more

Qantas says international flights in October as it loses $1billion

Qantas plans for international flights to return by the end of October – just as Australia’s vaccination program ends – as it loses $1BILLION from massive coronavirus hit  By Nic White For Daily Mail Australia Published: 22:00 GMT, 24 February 2021 | Updated: 22:00 GMT, 24 February 2021 Qantas predicts international flights will return and … Read more

Qantas launches massive $99 flight fare sale to holiday destinations like Byron Bay and Melbourne

Qantas announces massive $99 flight sale starting today to holiday destinations like Byron Bay and Cairns – and you don’t need to worry about state borders changing Qantas’ Spirit of Australia sale of more than one million seats will last a week From Monday customers can buy fares for travel from beginning in mid-March One-way … Read more