Woman divides opinion after revealing she started her wedding WITHOUT her tardy parents because she’s ‘sick of them always running late’

A disgruntled newlywed has split opinion after revealing she started she wedding without her parents because they were ‘running late. The bride,  from the US recently took to Reddit to explain her parents had missed most of her marriage ceremony. In a post titled ‘AITA for starting my wedding on time,’ she explained: ‘My parents are late for … Read more

Aussie couple fume after they are bumped from overbooked Royal Caribbean cruise and their dream holiday ruined – and you won’t believe how they were told

By Freddy Pawle For Daily Mail Australia Published: 02:23 GMT, 30 November 2023 | Updated: 04:53 GMT, 30 November 2023 An Aussie couple just seconds away from boarding a holiday cruise has been left behind after the company Royal Caribbean overbooked the voyage. The married couple arrived at Port of Brisbane on Tuesday ready to … Read more

How times have changed! These vintage adverts really haven’t aged well – including the use of a BABY to sell cigarettes

By Ellen Coughlan For Mailonline Published: 07:14 GMT, 24 November 2023 | Updated: 08:44 GMT, 24 November 2023 There is likely to be the occasional commercial that causes you to roll your eyes at the television – but they have nothing on these vintage marketing tactics. People from around the world took to Reddit to share … Read more

Woolworths is slammed over ‘woke’ Christmas act

By Olivia Day For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:02 GMT, 22 November 2023 | Updated: 23:02 GMT, 22 November 2023 Australians have slammed Woolworths as being too ‘woke‘ after the supermarket renamed gingerbread men to gingerbread people.  Woolworths is selling a 12-pack of the popular gingerbread people for $4.50 as well as an individual gingerbread … Read more

Flight attendant sounds off about the dark side of her ‘draining’ job in the skies – admitting she feels like she’s in ‘a CULT’ and branding her work as ‘borderline modern slavery’

A flight attendant has opened up about the dark side of working in the friendly skies, saying she hates everything from the long hours to the inconsiderate passengers.  The anonymous crew member, who is known only as u/hopelessromanceless on Reddit, vented about her dissatisfaction with the demanding job and the airline that she works for in … Read more

These are the cheap things I buy that actually do an amazing job – even better than name brands

Australians are sharing the cheap buys they prefer over more expensive brands.  As increased inflation rates continue to put pressure on more Aussie households, shoppers are opting not to splash their cash on expensive products and are finding the budget alternatives work just as well or better.  Dozens shared their best cheap buys from $12 … Read more

Boomer mum COMPLAINS that the home she bought for $2million has surged in value to $3million – and people are furious

By Zak Wheeler For Daily Mail Australia Published: 13:36 GMT, 7 November 2023 | Updated: 14:56 GMT, 7 November 2023 A mum has been ruthlessly mocked for complaining that her family home had risen in value by $1million. The Sydney mother moved her family into a new $2million house six years ago and was shocked to … Read more

The sobering reality of Australia’s dramatically rising food prices seen on the menu board of Great North Seafood in Sydney’s Five Dock

Photos of a menu board from the same takeaway shop over time have made a lie of the old saying ‘as cheap as chips’. The pictures showing the full menu at Great North Seafood in the inner west Sydney suburb of Five Dock – taken at intervals of two months, one year and five years … Read more

Americans reveal the items in the Harry Potter franchise they first thought were ‘magic’ – but they were actually just British

By Shannon Mcguigan Published: 20:48 BST, 26 October 2023 | Updated: 22:30 BST, 26 October 2023 The Harry Potter franchise is brimming with so much magic, American fans were duped into thinking several British customs and items that featured in the films were actually fictional. Whilst it is fairly obvious that we Britons don’t fly … Read more

Woman divides opinion after claiming adults who are obsessed with Disney are ‘shallow’ and ‘not very intelligent’

By Madison Burgess Published: 08:19 BST, 21 October 2023 | Updated: 09:15 BST, 21 October 2023 A woman who claims Disney-obsessed adults are ‘shallow’ and ‘not very intelligent’ has received backlash online.  In a post that’s now been deleted, the user @mountrain_state4715 wrote into the Unpopular Opinion thread on Reddit to share her take on the issue … Read more

Servers reveal which celebrities leave the best tips after one hospitality worker claimed Post Malone signed off his bill with $3,000

By Zeenia Naqvee Published: 16:36 BST, 13 October 2023 | Updated: 17:07 BST, 13 October 2023 Although the concept of generous tipping is considered somewhat alien outside the US, for American diners, it’s a necessity. And one famous American has put others to shame, according to serving staff.  An anonymous Reddit user who claims they … Read more

Sydney landlord demands $1,000 from renter for a single scratch in floorboard at their house

Sydney landlord demands $1,000 from renter for a single scratch in floorboard at their house By Peter Vincent For Daily Mail Australia Published: 03:46 BST, 12 October 2023 | Updated: 07:51 BST, 12 October 2023 A Sydney landlord has been slammed for demanding a tenant pay $1,000 to repair one ‘almost invisible’ scratch on a floorboard. … Read more

iPhone users say their smartphones are mysteriously turning off in the middle of the night – here’s what to do if your device is affected

Users say they’ve been prompted to enter their PINs first thing in the morning This suggests an iPhone reboot has happened on its own accord  By Shivali Best For Mailonline Published: 13:45 BST, 12 October 2023 | Updated: 15:18 BST, 12 October 2023 iPhone users have swarmed social media this week amid concerns their smartphones … Read more