Top GOP Senator urges Trump to stop ‘rehashing’ 2020 race as Trump pushes fraud claims at AZ rally

John Thune (pictured with his wife) is the No. 2 Republican senator behind Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Senate GOP Whip John Thune urged Donald Trump to stop ‘rehashing’ claims the 2020 election was rigged in favor of President Joe Biden on Saturday.  The South Dakota lawmaker, told Fox that he would ‘welcome’ the ex-president’s help … Read more

Trump HANGS UP on NPR for repeatedly pressing on his election fraud claims and January 6

Donald Trump hung up on NPR during a dial-in interview Tuesday when host Steve Inskeep repeatedly pushed the former president on his election fraud claims. After badgering Trump for around nine minutes on his claims the 2020 presidential election was stolen, the ex-president got fed up and abruptly ended the interview, which was scheduled for … Read more

Kinzinger blames ‘profit-driven radio’ for turning Trump fans into ‘angry, fearful victimized group’

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois said on Sunday that Donald Trump is a ‘symptom’ of the anger stoked by right-wing talk radio narratives that profit off of fear and victimization. Speaking to NBC’s Meet The Press, the outgoing GOP lawmaker said the former president’s meteoric rise to power came because he was at the … Read more

Joe Biden’s approval rating is just 27% in under-30s while 4% think US economy is ‘excellent’

Even Gen Z and millennials are abandoning Biden: Just 27% of Americans under 30 approve of the president and only 4% believe the economy is ‘excellent,’ according to another dire poll amid mounting questions over whether he will run again A new dire poll shows that President Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 27 per … Read more

David Perdue joins lawsuit seeking to prove he and Trump were cheated out of election victories

David Perdue is joining a lawsuit with President Trump seeking to prove they were both cheated out of victory, nearly a year after their losses in the Peach State.   The suit comes just days after Perdue, a former Senator who lost reelection this year, announced he will challenge GOP Gov. Brian Kemp in the 2022 … Read more

Trump tells Republicans at NRCC dinner in Florida GOP cannot win without MAGA supporters

Trump tells Republicans at NRCC dinner in Florida that GOP cannot win without MAGA supporters and takes credit for Virginia Governor win despite never campaigning with Glen Youngkin President Trump spoke to loyal Republicans at a NRCC dinner in Tampa During his remarks he took credit for Republican Glenn Youngkin’s Virginia win Youngkin never campaigned with … Read more

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen meets with U2’s Bono in Dublin

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says Democrats should try and fix the debt ceiling without GOP support before meeting U2’s Bono in Dublin Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Democrats should try and fix the nation’s debt ceiling without Republican support if necessary ‘I don’t want to play chicken and end up not raising the debt ceiling. … Read more

Poll: 44% of Democrats think a candidate other than Joe Biden will have better chances in 2024

44% of Democrats want to REPLACE Joe Biden on the ticket before the 2024 because another candidate will have a better chance of winning, shocking new poll finds Democrats are losing confidence in President Joe Biden A new poll released Monday shows 44% of left-leaning voters think the party has a better chance of winning … Read more

HALF of Republicans doubt their vote will be counted accurately in future elections, new poll finds

Just 22% of Republicans believe Biden was legitimately elected and HALF doubt their vote will be counted accurately, new poll finds Less than one-fourth of Republican voters think Joe Biden was legitimately elected president in 2020, a new NBC News poll shows  Of these voters, only 50% believe their ballot will be accurately counted in … Read more

Biden expected to tap GOP figure who stood up to Trump’s claims of fraud for election role

The Biden administration is reportedly in talks to appoint Kim Wyman, a Republican secretary of state who challenged former President Trump‘s false claims of fraud, to lead efforts to protect elections from interference. It would make Wyman, 59, one of the most senior GOP appointments in the administration. And it would propel her into a … Read more

Democrats increase the IRS ‘snooping’ account threshold from $600 to $10,000 – GOP says not enough

Senate Democrats came to an agreement on Tuesday to increase the threshold on their IRS ‘snooping’ plan from $600 to $10,000 in aggregate account flow, but Republicans said it would still invade the privacy of millions of Americans.  Under the revised policy, accounts with $10,000 or more in total deposits and withdrawals, excluding wage income, … Read more

Sinn Fein demands Ireland snubs the Queen over ceremony marking 100 years of Northern Ireland

Furious Irish nationalists Sinn Fein have demanded Dublin snubs an event to mark 100 years of Northern Ireland that is due to be attended by the Queen.  The republic is planning to send its foreign minister Simon Coveney to the service in Armagh later this month, which will also be attended by unionists and moderate … Read more

10 GOP govs line up at the Rio Grande with National Guard to demand Biden reinstate Trump’s policies

Why won’t Joe come to the border? 10 Republican governors line up at the Rio Grande with National Guard Units to demand Biden reinstate Trump’s policies and stop the migrant surge A group of 10 Republican governors, led by Texas’ Greg Abbott, convened on Wednesday at the southern border for a press conference They demanded … Read more