Two men caught on camera hitting each other with helmets at S’pore-M’sia border

EVERYDAY, over 450,000 people cross the Malaysia-Singapore border, one of the world’s busiest land crossings. While most travellers adhere to rules, occasionally there are instances of misconduct. Recently, a video of two motorcyclists fighting at the Woodlands Checkpoint went viral. The 10-second video, posted by a user named Hiduo Sementara in the Facebook group “Malaysia-Singapore … Read more

HKL nurse sporting drip while working during Raya

AMID the pandemic, healthcare professionals have demonstrated their unwavering commitment and perseverance despite the shortage of staff. A recent incident at Hospital Kuala Lumpur was brought to light by a social media user, Chun Guan, who posted a picture of a nurse with a drip attached to her hand. The netizen inquired and learned that … Read more

M’sian man racks up RM27k credit card debt after covering costs in relationship, fears disclosing to partner

GENDER roles have evolved in the 21st century with new innovations being embraced. However, the boundaries between men and women’s roles have become increasingly blurred over time. Recently, a Malaysian man shared his experience of covering the bills during his two-year relationship. Despite spending a minimum of RM200 on meals at cafes, hotpot, and BBQ … Read more

A sudden drop in temperature results in snowfall on Mount Kinabalu in Sabah

SABAH is known to have chilly temperatures, particularly on the mountainsides, but it is rare to see snowfall in the region. Recently, Mount Kinabalu experienced a cold weather event resulting in ice and snow, as confirmed by the Board of Trustees of The Sabah Parks’ official Facebook page. The temperature on Mount Kinabalu plummeted to … Read more

Hacked by CaptainSmok3r, Malaysian Immigration Department site ‘down for maintenance’

HAS anyone else noticed the Immigration Department of Malaysia’s website is inaccessible? Well, who would have thought that JIM could also be a victim of cyber hacking? CaptainSmok3r, whoever they are, is now responsible for hacking the website of the Malaysian Immigration Department and has since assured everyone that they are only doing it “for … Read more

Chinese vocational schools offer spring break focused on love and personal development

SOMETIMES, students—whether in high school or college—rarely have time to eat or even slumber. Their tight schedules and timelines might be to blame for this. Out of the overwhelming majority, these Chinese colleges offer their own version of ‘Spring Break’, giving students a week to unwind. Recently, Insider reported nine Chinese vocational schools have declared … Read more

Influencer’s BF under fire for dangerous self-driving stunt in Malaysia

THERE has been a recent explosion of self-driving vehicle videos on social media. Following the incident involving a Singaporean couple who travelled through Malaysia while using the autopilot feature on their Tesla. Since then, PDRM has verified that hands-free driving or autopilot mode is not permitted in Malaysia. Gatita Yan, a local model, and influencer … Read more