The best wedding gift! Newlyweds are wowed by Northern Lights reigning  the sky on their big day (as their photographer reveals how he ALMOST missed the shot!)

By Maria Okanrende For Mailonline Published: 16:25 BST, 20 September 2023 | Updated: 16:31 BST, 20 September 2023 A newly wedded couple have received the ‘best ever’ wedding gift after Northern Lights reigned over the night sky on their big day. Sweethearts Chris Oman and Rebecca MacDonald had just tied the knot at Bogbain Farm in … Read more

Businesswoman, 71, fighting to avoid eviction from £3m Scottish castle after 25-year battle

Businesswoman, 71, fighting to avoid eviction from £3m Scottish castle after 25-year battle over £230 debt loses bid to take her case to Supreme Court Marian van Overwaele fought attempts to evict her from Knockderry Castle Made bankrupt in 2000 after refusing to pay bill for bridalwear business from 1997 The debt rose to £30,000 … Read more

Lanarkshire wildlife park staff launch urgent hunt for fugitive wallaby escaped from enclosure

Where’s WALLABY? Wildlife park staff launch urgent hunt for fugitive Aussie animal that burst free from enclosure By Joseph Laws For Mailonline Published: 19:19 BST, 16 July 2021 | Updated: 19:51 BST, 16 July 2021 A search has been launched for an 11-month old runaway wallaby that escaped from an amusement park. The creature, who … Read more

Three men remove WHEEL CLAMP from car using angle grinder in busy high street in Scotland [Video]

Moment three men remove WHEEL CLAMP using angle grinder in busy high street Group of work men seen examining car wheel clamp in Inverkeithing, Scotland One manages to prise it away but realise it cannot be removed all together Shocked onlooker watches as another man grabs an angle grinder and casually cuts through the metal chain By Vivek … Read more

Police launch search for missing walker, 25, who vanished after she took selfie at top of Ben Nevis

Police launch search for missing walker, 25, who vanished after she took selfie at the top of Ben Nevis at 5am Walker Sarah Buick, 24, is missing after climbing Ben Nevis, Scottish Highlands  She took a selfie at the summit of the 1,345 metre mountain at 5am on Tuesday  Police Scotland has issued an urgent … Read more

500-year-old mill stone that featured in Outlander TV series stolen from Aberdour Castle, Fife

Thieves steal 500-year-old mill stone so heavy it takes two to lift it from 13th century castle A 500-year-old mill stone used for grinding wheat and grains stolen from castle Stone, which featured in TV series Outlander, stolen from Aberdour Castle, Fife Police said it would have taken at least two people to lift the … Read more

Message in a bottle sent from Aberdeenshire beach returned to woman, 37, after 27 YEARS

Mother, 37, is reunited with message in a bottle that she threw into sea 27 years ago that described her all-consuming passion for ‘cute’ Robbie Williams Scottish mother Emma Watt is reunited with a 27-year-old message in a bottle As a 10-year-old girl looking for pen pal, she wrote about love of Robbie Williams She … Read more

Oldest surviving inhabitant from Scottish island abandoned in 1962 turns 100

Oldest surviving inhabitant from remote Scottish island that was abandoned in 1962 after once thriving community dwindled to just 12 celebrates turning 100 Jean Robertson, who now lives in Thurso, was born on island of Stroma in 1921 Said secret to longevity included ‘watching quiz shows and doing crosswords’ The abandoned island of Stroma is located … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘snake oil act’ in Alex Salmond inquiry raises more questions, says Graham Grant

It was a slick performance by a politician fighting for her job – but Nicola Sturgeon’s top priority wasn’t impressing the committee. Much of her appearance was a pitch to the ordinary punter, which accounts for some of the more emotional moments. She spoke of Alex Salmond as her former ‘bestie’, a ‘revered’ man. But … Read more

Behind Her Eyes: Scots say Netflix drama shows them as ‘miserable’

Scots have blasted new Netflix drama Behind Her Eyes for making them out to be ‘miserable, bad-tempered and stingy’.  Viewers blasted the psychological thriller’s script – based on a book adaptation – as ‘anti-Scot’ and claimed some of the lines were ‘racist’.  They were also angry that neither of the two main characters were played … Read more

Jacob Rees-Mogg says UK ‘bailing out’ Scotland Covid vaccine rollout

Boris Johnson is ‘bailing out’ Nicola Sturgeon‘s stuttering vaccination programme in Scotland by deploying more military personnel to speed it up, a minister said today. Jacob Rees-Mogg made the claim as he batted away SNP demands for more money for Scotland, to be used by politicians there. British Army medics began helping administer jabs in the country … Read more

SNP questions whether Boris Johnson trip to Scotland ‘essential’

Could Nicola Sturgeon try to BAN Boris Johnson from going to Scotland? SNP questions whether PM’s trip north of the border is ‘essential’ Prime Minister Boris Johnson expected to make a trip to Scotland later this week Mr Johnson is expected to use the official visit to stress the benefits of the Union But SNP … Read more

Deliveroo to expand to 100 new UK towns as lockdown demand surges

Deliveroo will expand to 100 new towns and cities across UK for an additional four MILLION customers following surge in demand during pandemic Food delivery service Deliveroo will expand reach to 100 new cities and towns Currently operates in over 200 locations but will reach four million more people Additional customers will be able to access … Read more