Evergreen childhood games

REMEMBER a time before smartphones and internet access? In the 1990s, it was all about making our own games and having fun with them. From skipping with ‘tali getah’, to tossing Batu Seremban, to Pepsi Cola and many others, we have done it all. Here’s a list of those, and other games that will take … Read more

Planning last minute parties with minimal fuss

IF YOU’VE forgotten to arrange a celebration for someone’s birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion – don’t worry. Instead of panicking, we have some suggestions for you to be able to arrange a suitable celebration at a moment’s notice. Movie night One of the simplest options is to simply celebrate your party night … Read more

The final Star Trek: Picard’s teaser is out

Patrick Stewart will play the role of Jean-Luc Picard for the final time in ‘Picard’ season 3. – Paramount+ PARAMOUNT+ has released the official trailer for the final season of Star Trek: Picard which is to be Patrick Stewart’s final journey as the Starfleet captain. According to the official synopsis: “A desperate message from a … Read more

The Sandman returning for Season 2

DESPITE Netflix’s latest wave of series cancellations, The Sandman executive producer Neil Gaiman has promised fans that the series is safe. Neil Gaiman addressed those worries in a response to a concerned Tumblr user concerning the show’s future. While Gaiman admitted that nothing is ever definite, he emphasised that “[i]f there’s a Netflix and nothing … Read more

Michelle Yeoh talks about being a movie star at 60

MICHELLE YEOH, who is earning Oscar buzz with her lead role in the mind-bending Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, is enjoying life at 60. The part was originally intended for Jackie Chan, but writer-director duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert then offered it to Yeoh. She said she later texted Chan to tell him: “Your … Read more

Netflix drops 1899 series after one season

NETFLIX recently announced that it will not continue the mind-bending series 1899 for a second season. Baran bo Odar, the series’ co-creator, verified the news on his own Instagram on Monday, in a letter to fans co-written with his partner Jantje Freise. “With a heavy heart we have to tell you that 1899 will not … Read more

Disabilities are unique abilities

BATIK is both an art and a craft that is an undeniable part of Malaysian culture. But despite its wide popularity in the country, not all batik enthusiasts are aware of the time-consuming technique required to produce this priceless heritage. We recently discovered an outstanding batik artist who shares his voice through his artistic works. … Read more

Making wishes come true

Aquaria KLCC collaborated with Make-A-Wish Malaysia to grant a child’s Christmas wish IT’S the season of giving! Embrace the spirit of togetherness and giving back to the community at Aquaria KLCC, where children’s wishes are granted, and dreams fulfilled. During this Winter Wondersea Christmas season, Aquaria KLCC joined hands with Make-A-Wish Malaysia to help fulfil … Read more

Transformers get primal in ‘Rise of the Beasts’ trailer

PARAMOUNT Pictures has revealed the first trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, the seventh film in the Hasbro franchise, which is set for release on June 9, 2023. The film introduces will introduce several fan-favourite Transformers characters, and introduces new human characters played by Anthony Ramos and Dominique Fishback. Ramos plays Noah, a former … Read more

Marvel actors not movie stars

FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston made headlines earlier this month when she declared: “There are no more movie stars.” It’s a remark director Quentin Tarantino agrees with, as proven by his recent discussion on the podcast 2 Bears, 1 Cave. “Part of the Marvel-isation of Hollywood is … you have all these actors who have become … Read more