Uphill drive for metered cab drivers

PETALING JAYA: Metered taxi drivers are facing an uphill battle to stay competitive in this age of ride-sharing apps and on-demand transport. As the industry rapidly evolves, they are grappling with a decline in business and struggling to adapt to the changing dynamics. A researcher specialising in public transport said to fit in and be … Read more

Govt urged to ensure building safety

PETALING JAYA: The Alliance For A Safe Community has urged the government to carry out inspections on all public buildings to ensure they are safe. Its chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said he is making the call as the prevailing culture of infrastructure maintenance is below par. “The poor maintenance culture could be due … Read more

7-Eleven launches Aidilfitri festivity campaign

KUALA LUMPUR: 7-Eleven, the brand that introduced the “convenience store” concept to Malaysians, has launched three items to benefit the needy, those celebrating Hari Raya and also its customers. On Wednesday, together with an NGO, the Semurni Kasih programme, “Hari-Hari Hari Raya” initiative and a new menu for 7-CAFe were launched by 7-Eleven co-CEOs and … Read more