Tiny Pomeranian dog becomes an online sensation

A tiddly Pom-Pom! Tiny Pomeranian puppy called Snowball becomes an online hit thanks to its incredibly cute photos  Snowball, a tiny Pomeranian puppy has become an internet phenomenon  The playful puppy can be seen running towards its owner, Yhohan Kim  The white Pom-Pom shows off its luxurious puff of fur around its chest and neck By … Read more

The amazing car-free ’10-minute city’ in South Korea where everything can be reached by foot

Renderings have been released of an incredible new ’10-minute city’, where ‘all the conveniences of the city’ will be within a 10-minute stroll from residents’ homes. Titled ‘Project H1’, the 504,000-square-metre (5.4million square ft) development will be based near the mountains in South Korea‘s capital, Seoul, and will be completely car-free. The miniature metropolis – … Read more

Incredible robotic HAND is strong enough to crush cans or delicately use a pair of tweezers 

An incredibly dextrous robotic hand has been developed that is strong enough to crush a can, while also being delicate enough to use a pair of tweezers. The device integrates all the components necessary for responsive movement, according to the engineers from Ajou University in Suwon, South Korea. It is mounted on an existing commercial … Read more

Robots: Hyundai is using Boston Dynamics’ Spot to patrol its motor plants in South Korea

Spot turns watchdog! Hyundai is using Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot to patrol its motor plants in South Korea Hyundai has upgraded Spot with new sensors, AI and autonomous navigation The robot will work to monitor factory safety and support night security patrols Spot will first be trialled in one factory before being deployed to work in others  Hyundai purchased … Read more

Ariarne Titmus beats Katie Ledecky for gold in 400m freestyle final at Tokyo Olympics

Australian swimming phenom Ariarne Titmus has won gold and placed first in the 400m freestyle final.  Titmus snatched victory away from her US rival and five-time Olympic champion Katie Ledecky after recording 3:56.69 minutes.  Ledecky followed in second place with less than a second difference after finishing in 3:57.36 minutes. Buzz had been generated ahead of the … Read more

Oli London reveals cosmetic procedures they underwent to look like Korean popstar Jimin from BTS

A British influencer has detailed the extreme lengths they have gone to look like a Korean popstar after spending more than $140,000 on painful cosmetic surgeries.  Oli London, from London, who now identifies as a Korean non-binary person, has undergone 18 procedures – including eye surgery, face lift, chest reduction and nose jobs – to recreate the look … Read more

Belgian ambassador’s wife SLAPS South Korean shop worker after being caught ‘shoplifting’

Belgian ambassador’s wife SLAPS South Korean shop worker in the face after being accused of ‘shoplifting’ clothes in alleged ‘assault’ Security camera footage shows ‘slap’ after angry confrontation in clothes store  Xiang Xueqiu is the wife of Belgian ambassador Peter Lescouhier South Korean police say she is wanted for questioning over the alleged assault Xiang ‘cannot … Read more

Identical twins separated at birth in South Korea discover each other through DNA testing

Identical win sisters who were separated at birth in South Korea and adopted by two different American families recently learned that one another existed — and reunited for the first time on their 36th birthday.  Neither Molly Sinert nor Emily Bushnell knew that they were twins, or had much information at all about their backgrounds … Read more

Ronaldo apologises for THAT awful haircut before his 2002 World Cup final heroics

Ronaldo apologises for THAT awful haircut before his 2002 World Cup final heroics for Brazil… but claims he did it to divert attention away from his fitness after an injury in the semis Ronaldo was Brazil’s hero in 2002 as they won the World Cup for the fifth time But before the final against Germany, … Read more