Man contemplates leaving secretive relationship despite dependence on girlfriend’s car

RELATIONSHIPS require a lot from two individuals and most times, financial stability is one of them so one does not land up being overly dependent on the other especially for their personal needs. A young man’s heartfelt anonymous confession posted on Facebook page 988 DJ: Chan Fong, expressed his sadness of his girlfriend keeping her … Read more

Woman compares treatment at M’sian and S’porean immigration checkpoints while en route to hospital

A MALAYSIAN woman working in Singapore recently compared how she was treated at the Singaporean and Malaysian immigration checkpoints while heading to the hospital to give birth. Kai Ling Cheng shared on Facebook that she was 38 weeks pregnant while maneuvering through both immigration checkpoints to ensure that she gives birth to her child in … Read more

Couple begging for donations allegedly faked their disability, speculated to be part of syndicate

IN some open-air restaurants in the country, people walking up to customers asking for donations are a common sight, and some of them include people with disabilities, selling tissues for a small price in which either some will take pity and donate a bit of money or will get rejected by skeptical individuals, believing that … Read more

Verbal altercation at Bazaar Ramadan leads to stall owner attempting to hit customer with stick

WHETHER be it food stalls or restaurants, rude staff at these places is not uncommon but it can sour a customer’s day if they encounter such individuals, especially unprovoked. A young man recently had an unpleasant experience with a verbally impertinent and ill-mannered stall owner at a Ramadan bazaar while he and his friends were … Read more

Bazaar stall owner clears the air on RM20 murtabak following criticism online

A PICTURE of a murtabak dish sold at a whooping RM20 had come under fire online recently for being expensive. The image was initially shared on Twitter by @Twt_Cyberjaya, advertising a mini Ramadan food bazaar for this year located at Tamarind Square in Cyberjaya. Later on, another Twitter user re-posted the photo, garnering traction online … Read more

Terengganu exco criticised for offensively distributing fish to underprivileged households

TERENGGANU exco Haji Hanafiah Mat has come under fire lately for the lack of consideration in contributing to underprivileged households in several areas in his constituency. Previously, the exco had attempted to mock the Menu Rahmah initiative by pouring orange juice on top of a Rahmah meal with rice, fish and vegetables, as an attempt … Read more