Sydney socialite Di Maloney pays $29.2million for Tamarama apartment block

Sydney socialite Di Maloney sets new eastern suburbs real estate record after paying $29.2million for Tamarama apartment block By D. Lawrance For Daily Mail Australia Published: 10:43 BST, 16 May 2022 | Updated: 10:45 BST, 16 May 2022 Socialite Di Maloney has broken Sydney‘s coastal sales record with her recent purchase of a Tamarama block … Read more

Mother left husband of 14 years for a stranger she thought could be her ‘soulmate’

A mother-of-two has gone viral on social media after writing a memoir about leaving her husband of 14 years to pursue a stranger who she thought could be her ‘soulmate’. Amanda Trenfield, from Sydney, explained that she spent 20 years building a ‘somewhat predictable life’ with a career in the financial services alongside caring for … Read more

Seven News: Billboard on Parramatta Road written in Latin instead of English

Seven News suffers an embarrassing fail as drivers spot a huge billboard on Parramatta Road written in LATIN instead of English By D. Lawrance and Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia Published: 02:02 BST, 9 May 2022 | Updated: 07:06 BST, 9 May 2022 Seven News is a regular ratings winner for Australia’s leading television … Read more

Scott Morrison defends Warringah candidate Katherine Deves in heated press conference

An irritated Scott Morrison told reporters to not interrupt him as he defended controversial Liberal candidate Katherine Deves during a heated press conference.  The prime minister stood by his decision to select Ms Deves as the candidate for Warringah, a key electorate on Sydney‘s northern beaches.   Ms Deves has come under fire for her comments about transgender … Read more

New Emerald-class feries between Manly and Circular Quay potentially dangerous

Leaked memo warns new Sydney ferries could become AIRBORNE in heavy swells New document warns captains of new Emerald-class ferries could lose control The ferries were introduced in October between Manly and Circular Quay  Last weekend a 19-year-old fell overboard from one of the new Emerald ferries  By Ashley Nickel For Daily Mail Australia Published: … Read more

How to know whether your supermarket fruit has been sprayed with chemicals

Shopper reveals little-known code that tells you if your supermarket fruit has been sprayed with chemicals: ‘Look closely and all will be revealed’ A TikToker has outlined what the stickers on supermarket fruit signify   Joshua Bollom, from Sydney, said the stickers contain a four or five-digit number The code indicates whether the food has been grown … Read more

Relationship coach reveals why you’re making the same mistakes with every partner

Relationship coach: Here’s why you’re making the same dating mistakes with each partner – and how to break free of the cycle for good A mindset mentor has shared how to end repeating relationship cycles for good   Anna Bezzu, from Sydney, said taking ownership of the pattern is the first step    Your childhood causes people … Read more

Ben Fordham tricks his bosses and thousands of listeners with a VERY cruel April Fools prank

Radio host Ben Fordham tricks his bosses and thousands of listeners with a VERY cruel April Fools prank that left them thinking he was seriously injured Ben Fordham has tricked thousands listeners into thinking he fell off a racehorse The April Fools prank even had top brass at 2GB radio fooled and in concern  Messages … Read more

Take Two twin brothers post hilarious videos with neighbour Harper next door

Twin brothers film hilarious encounters with their sassy five-year-old neighbour from behind the fence – and fans can’t get enough of her witty comebacks Twin brothers Jordan and Brandon, 26, built a house in Sydney in 2015  It was at this time that they met – and befriended – their next door neighbours  In 2017 … Read more