Must see Rawang attractions

RAWANG, a sleepy town in Malaysia’s Gombak District, was developed in the early nineteenth century. The are was originally a base for tin mining. However, Rawang is currently a popular town for both habitation and tourism. Rawang has several magnificent tourist attractions, most of which are yet unknown to most travellers. However, it is believed … Read more

Your budget or your life

A budget is going to give you a clear picture of where your money is ending up each month EVERY financial strategy is built around budgeting. You need to know where your money is going if you want to have a grasp on your finances, whether you are living pay check to pay check or … Read more

Golden retriever gets cute mugshot taken

THE Lumphini Police in Bangkok recently wrote an unusual post on their Facebook page that touched many people’s hearts. The post was about a female Golden Retriever who had been discovered underneath a condominium building and been taken to a police station. This resulted in Lumpini police putting out a search for its owner. The … Read more

Dealing with toxic colleagues

THERE have always been terrible co-workers since the dawn of organised labour. However, their influence feels larger and more damaging these days. To function, businesses require teamwork. And, teams must be more collaborative, adaptive, and proactive than ever before. Top-down decision making is a thing of the past in many firms and sectors, replaced by … Read more

The History of Earth Day

IN 1969, US Senator Gaylord Nelson, intended to combine the energy of student anti-war rallies with a rising public understanding about air and water pollution after seeing the tragedy of a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. He approached the national media with the notion of holding a teach-in on college campuses. He also … Read more