Boris Johnson to launch ‘charm offensive’ in Scotland

Boris Johnson is to embark on a ‘charm offensive’ in Scotland after Nicola Sturgeon demanded a second independence referendum.  The SNP took 48 of the country’s 59 Westminster seats in the General Election, re-igniting calls from Scottish nationalists for a further ballot. The Prime Minister contacted senior Tories on election night to acknowledge the enormous … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon was ‘overexcited’ as Jo Swinson lost seat

Nicola Sturgeon has admitted she ‘got overexcited’ after she was filmed celebrating wildly when the Scottish National Party claimed the Westminster seat of Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson.     In one of the moments of the General Election night, the SNP leader pumped her fists in the air and roared her approval after her party’s candidate … Read more

PIERS MORGAN: Socialists and celebrities are electoral poison

‘What an earthquake we have created!’ cried a jubilant Boris Johnson after his stunning UK election triumph last night. Unusually, the British Prime Minister wasn’t either wildly exaggerating or speaking with forked tongue. Johnson’s victory was a genuinely seismic moment, and one whose forceful tremors will be felt most keenly across the Atlantic in America. Because … Read more

Jeremy Corbyn vows to stay on as Labour leader until NEXT YEAR

Jeremy Corbyn today vowed to stay on as Labour leader for months as his hard-Left faction fights to keep control of the party despite the disastrous election rout. The veteran MP dismissed calls to step down immediately after overseeing the most catastrophic Labour showing in a poll since 1935. Extraordinarily he also rejected the idea … Read more

Lily Allen DELETES Twitter account amid furious backlash after saying Tories won due to UK racism

Singer Lily Allen has deleted her Twitter account as she faced a furious backlash over her claim that Boris Johnson won the election because ‘racism and misogyny run so deep’ in the UK.  Social media users savaged the left-winger after she slammed the Tory victory this morning. One tweeted at the Labour supporter: ‘You do … Read more

How Boris Johnson’s complicated personal life could make getting Brexit done look like child’s play

This morning Boris Johnson is taking a well-deserved victory lap, having crossed the finish line victorious in the most dramatic general election victory for a generation. The wildest dreams of CCHQ’s most lateral thinkers did not foresee a majority of close to 80 seats and a Labour Party handed a defeat so crushing its leader … Read more

Boris Johnson hails Brexit mandate after big election win

Boris Johnson ordered Remainers calling for a second referendum to ‘put a sock in it’ today as he hailed his staggering election landslide. After laying waste to Labour’s ‘red wall’ of Leave-backing strongholds, the PM said he had been given a ‘powerful’ vote of confidence by the British people and would work ‘night and day’ … Read more

Jacob Rees-Mogg increases majority despite Remainer campaign

Jacob Rees-Mogg took his wife and 12-year-old son to his election count last night as he won his seat after being sidelined for most of the campaign.  The Conservative minister was returned in North East Somerset with 50.4 per cent of the vote and an increased majority of 14,729 over Labour.  His wife Helena and … Read more

Chuka Umunna LOSES his battle for City of London seat

Chukka Umunna has lost his battle for a City of London seat despite a 13 per cent Remain-fuelled swing to the Liberal Democrats.  The former Labour MP and Change UK founder came second behind Conservative Nickie Aiken in the battle for the Cities of London and Westminster constituency, losing by 3,953 votes. Mr Umunna, a … Read more

Dominic Raab clings on to his seat despite a 18 per cent Liberal Democrat surge

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has clung on to his seat despite a pro-EU backlash in his Remain-backing constituency seeing his vote share cut dramatically. The battle for Surrey’s Esher and Walton seat had been billed as a potential ‘Portillo moment’, following Michael Portillo’s shock defeat in 1997 when Labour’s Stephen Twigg sensationally ousted the sitting … Read more

Conservative supporters mock devastated Labour supporters

Conservative Twitter users are revelling in their predicted victory by mocking devastated Labour supporters. Left-wingers are expressing their anger at the ‘rich, privileged white men who’ve ruined our country’ as an exit poll indicates a majority for Boris Johnson – with a predicted 368 seats compared to 191 for Jeremy Corbyn.  Mr Corbyn appears to have … Read more