Biden’s ‘Disinformation’ czar pushed debunked Russia collusion claims from Hillary’s 2016 campaign

The head of President Joe Biden‘s new Disinformation Governance Board has a history of pushing now-debunked claims that there are ties between Russia and Donald Trump, old and recently resurfaced tweets reveal. Nina Jankowicz promoted several claims from Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 presidential campaign on Twitter, including allegations that are now being looked into by special … Read more

Amazon accused by US Congress of withholding information during anti-trust probe

The House Judiciary Committee provided the following timeline of its interactions with Amazon:  Third-Party Seller Data  Round One July 16, 2019: Nate Sutton, Amazon’s Associate General Counsel for Competition, testifies under oath about Amazon’s use of third-party sellers’ data in its private-label business and states that ‘we do not use any seller data for—to compete … Read more

Trump ally John Eastman hands over nearly 8,000 emails to Capitol riot committee, hides 11,000 more

John Eastman, an attorney at the heart of Donald Trump‘s quest to overturn the 2020 election, has handed over 8,000 pages of emails to the House select committee investigating January 6, according to a Monday court filing. The former law professor is also trying to use executive privilege to shield more than 10,000 documents, after failing … Read more

Psaki announces Biden will FINALLY hold a press conference next Wednesday

Psaki announces Biden will FINALLY hold a press conference next Wednesday: President will face the full press for the first time in 78 days Biden will take questions from reporters Wednesday, Jen Psaki said It will be his first formal presser since early November in Glasgow White House has fended off questions for months about … Read more

Joe Biden’s approval rating is just 27% in under-30s while 4% think US economy is ‘excellent’

Even Gen Z and millennials are abandoning Biden: Just 27% of Americans under 30 approve of the president and only 4% believe the economy is ‘excellent,’ according to another dire poll amid mounting questions over whether he will run again A new dire poll shows that President Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 27 per … Read more

HALF of Republicans doubt their vote will be counted accurately in future elections, new poll finds

Just 22% of Republicans believe Biden was legitimately elected and HALF doubt their vote will be counted accurately, new poll finds Less than one-fourth of Republican voters think Joe Biden was legitimately elected president in 2020, a new NBC News poll shows  Of these voters, only 50% believe their ballot will be accurately counted in … Read more

Missouri, Arkansas say they WON’T comply with Biden’s plans to spy on accounts with over $600

Missouri and Arkansas became the latest states to say they would not comply with a Biden proposal to force banks to hand over transaction data over $600 to the IRS on Wednesday.  ‘I will stand up to this government overreach and protect the privacy of those account holders,’ state treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick said in a statement Wednesday … Read more

10 GOP govs line up at the Rio Grande with National Guard to demand Biden reinstate Trump’s policies

Why won’t Joe come to the border? 10 Republican governors line up at the Rio Grande with National Guard Units to demand Biden reinstate Trump’s policies and stop the migrant surge A group of 10 Republican governors, led by Texas’ Greg Abbott, convened on Wednesday at the southern border for a press conference They demanded … Read more

White House refuses to say whether Hunter Biden has divested his 10% investment in a Chinese firm

The White House refused to say whether Hunter Biden divested his 10% stake in a Chinese equity firm. The president’s son goes out in Los Angeles on August 8, 2021 The White House wouldn’t say Monday whether Hunter Biden has sold his 10 per cent stake in a Chinese private equity firm despite President Joe … Read more

Trump will fight any move the Treasury Department makes to turn his tax returns over to Congress

Trump’s lawyer says he will fight any move the Treasury Department makes to turn his tax returns over to House Democrats The Justice Department ordered Treasury to turn over former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee  ‘The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has invoked sufficient reasons … Read more

Caitlyn Jenner ‘would support Donald Trump if he runs in 2024’

Caitlyn Jenner has revealed she would support Donald Trump if he runs for President again in 2024.  Jenner, who is running for governor of California, said she would back Trump because she does ‘not like what’s happening in this country right now’.   The former reality television star would not say whether she thought the former President … Read more

Jill Biden enjoys a day at the beach with Carrie Johnson and son Wilfred

First Lady Jill Biden allowed her outfit to do all the talking on Thursday, when she appeared to take a subtle swipe at Melania Trump by wearing a blazer emblazoned with the word LOVE – three years after her predecessor prompted outrage by donning a jacket that read ‘I really don’t care’ when visiting immigrant … Read more

Homeland Security Secretary will tour Texas migrant facility Friday

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will visit a Texas border facility on Friday, after a House Democratic critic of the administration’s immigration policies complained that child immigrants were being moved ‘from one tent to the other tent.’ Mayorkas will tour the Donna, Texas processing facility, KVEO-TV reported. While there, Mayorkas will get updates on unaccompanied children … Read more