Teen passes out on Surfers Paradise slingshot ride 

Terrifying video shows teenager passing out several times while battling with the G-Force effects of a slingshot ride on the Gold Coast

  • A teen passed out on the Surfers Paradise Slingshot 

The wild moment a teenager passed out several times while riding an intense slingshot ride on the Surfer’s Paradise has been captured on video..

Queenslander Lily shared the video of her and her friend, Ella, on the ride earlier this month.

While waiting to be flung more than 90 metres in the air, Ella was already starting to panic, so the operator told her to take some deep breaths.

Just seconds later, the pair were launched from the ground, and Ella immediately fainted while battling with the G-Force effects of the ride.

Lily yelled and screamed as they went higher in the air and only realised Ella was unconscious when they were thrown into the air.

A video shows teens Ella and Lily on the Surfers Paradise Slingshot but Ella (left) kept passing out throughout the ride

Ella’s head rolled in her seat as their chair swung about in the air, and she repeatedly woke up, only to faint again.

At one point, she woke up long enough to give a terrified scream.

Once hearing her friend was okay, Lily began laughing and reassured Ella the ride was nearly over.

More than 11,000 people were divided in the comments over whether to laugh or be worried.

‘The brief moments of terrified consciousness are absolutely sending me,’ one person wrote.

‘Sorry, this is so funny but also absolutely terrifying. Why do people volunteer to go on these,’ another said.

The shocking video shows Ella's head (above) rolling around while Lily calls out asking if she's okay

The shocking video shows Ella’s head (above) rolling around while Lily calls out asking if she’s okay

‘How does this not cause permanent damage?! That head’s just whipping to and fro!,’ a third person commented.

Another said: ‘They should have a live screen so everyone on the ground can watch too.’

A fifth person wrote: ‘Always wonder why they can‘t make the head part softer.’

Another commented: ‘I cant imagine how scary that must feel and how delirious you’d be passing out and waking up that fast, that many times.’