Telcos urged to resolve internet, phone line issues in Sipitang

SIPITANG: Telecommunications companies (telcos) have been urged to immediately resolve the problem of internet coverage and disruptions to telephone lines faced by consumers in several villages in the district, including Kampung Long Pasia which is a tourist attraction.

Sindumin community development leader (PPM), Sani Miasin said he received complaints from several villagers regarding the frequent occurrence of line disruption.

“Among the villages that have been badly affected are Kampung Long Pasia, Kampung Long Mio, Kampung Ulu Bole, Kampung Meligan and Kampung Iburuh with more than 1,000 residents.

“I understand the disruptions are caused by damage to the power generator of the telecommunications towers in Kampung Long Pasia and Kg. Ulu Bole,“ he said when contacted by reporters here today.

Sipitang is a district located in interior of Sabah, about 144 kilometres south of Kota Kinabalu, and is known for its highlands among them Kampung Long Pasia.

Sani said phone and internet coverage in the area depends on the telecommunications tower, but it needs a generator to ensure it operates 24 hours a day.

“The damage to the power generator caused the communication line to be cut off. Based on the villagers’ complaints, the generator at Kampung Long Pasia tower has been damaged since April 8, but until now it has not been repaired.

He said due to the communication line being cut off, the residents of Kampung Long Pasia had to rely on Menara Kampung Long Mio for emergencies.

“The matter worsened on April 25 when the facility at Kampung Long Mio also broke down with residents in Kampung Long Pasia, Kampung Long Mio and the surrounding areas cut off. The problem of phone line and internet coverage have also affected students,“ he said.

The distance between Kampung Long Pasia/Kampung Long Mio and Sipitang town is about 128 kilometere, and can only be reached using a logging road which is now in a very bad condition and difficult to pass through even for using heavy vehicles.

– Bernama