Thailand tightens law enforcement along rat trails in Narathiwat province

TANAH MERAH: Law enforcement is being tightened along the rat trails in Narathiwat Province to curb smuggling and cross-border crime between Thailand and Malaysia.

The province’s deputy governor, Fatimah Sabeeyamu said this was following the Waeng and Sungai Golok districts having been identified at the main routes for these illegal activities involving individuals or groups.

“They are using the rat trails to avoid detection and arrest by the authorities, therefore, law enforcement is being tightened along the rat trails.”

She said this at a news conference after the Malaysia-Thailand Bilateral Muhibah Circumsicion Programme which was also attended by state assemblyman for Bukit Bunga, Datuk Mohd Adhan Kechik, at the Immigration, Customs, Quarantine and Security (ICQS) Complex, here, today.

A total of 57 children including 26 from Thailand took part in the event.

On another development, Fatimah praised the Malaysian government’s effort of improving facilities at the border that the business of traders from the two countries was increasingly flourishing.

“We hope the Malaysian and Thai border residents can continue boosting their trading tradition towards improving the economy of both countries,” she said. – Bernama