The Gathering – Commander Masters

EXHILARATINGLY, Commander Masters is the latest set for the world’s oldest and most popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering (MTG), released by Wizards of the Coast. Commander Masters is the first Masters collection that is officially linked to Commander, which is one of the most popular ways to play Magic: the Gathering.

The collection includes beloved reprints as well as 40 powerful new cards geared for multiplayer play. It was made available on Aug 4 exclusively for tabletop gaming through local gaming stores and internet vendors.

Other than that, the headliners of Commander Masters are new collectible versions of fan-favourite cards, including treatments like the new Borderless Frame Break style, in which artwork erupts out of the card. For those wishing to add extremely uncommon and intriguing cards to their collection, fan favourite foil treatments, etched and textured, return and enjoy.

The Borderless Profile series also features variant imagery for a number of Legendary creatures, highlighting them in a different way.

All Borderless versions of cards are available in every type of booster pack, making this the most accessible Masters collection for collectors to date.

To explain further, Commander Masters also offers four high-powered, preconstructed 100-card Commander Decks, allowing players to jump right into a Commander game. Each deck is built around a popular and powerful archetype not seen in preconstructed Commander decks to date.

All four decks have ten freshly designed cards, a foil-etched Commander, and cards with significantly greater power levels than players are accustomed to. Commander is the most popular and widely played format in Magic: The Gathering, and this set gives the ideal preconstructed experience.

Commander Masters include Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters and Commander Decks.

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