The moment Aussie woman discovers an ‘abandoned house’ with eerie note on the door

A woman was left reeling after discovering an ‘eerie’ note taped to the window of an abandoned house in rural Australia.

The stockbroker came across the unoccupied home on a walk and decided to check inside due to its state of disrepair.

A note stuck to one of its windows simply read: ‘Out for lunch’ – along with a now-disconnected mobile number.

The desolate property was overrun with weeds, with bits and pieces of rubbish and loose wrappers scattered about the yard.

‘This house has been abandoned for at least two years,’ the woman said in an X post

‘So many homes are sitting empty in Australia during a housing crisis.’

A woman discovered an ‘eerie’ note taped to the window of an abandoned house in Australia

Many speculated about the reason its owner never returned with some claiming it seemed like the work of a builder who never finished its construction.

‘Someone should do a welfare check,’ one suggested. 

‘Did the owner meet foul play? A friend’s father went missing, never seen or heard from again. It happens.’

A few Australians were quick to share their experiences with the ongoing rental crisis and attempting to navigate the new housing market.

‘I was trying to get our old place on the rental market for cheap but the interest rate rise means we have to sell,’ a woman said. 

‘Can’t afford it anymore.’

‘It’s outrageous that all of these houses are taken out of supply,’ another woman said.

‘All over Australia there are so many houses in total darkness – not to mention the thousands of ‘holiday homes’ that sit empty 95 per cent of the time,’ a third added.

But others claimed what an owner decided to do with their property was no one else’s concern. 

‘Mind your business,’ one simply wrote.

‘It’s their house, they can do what they want with it,’ another said.