These £12 heated insoles are the ‘perfect solution to cold feet’

Keep your toes toasty: These £12 heated insoles are the ‘perfect solution to cold feet’ (they stay warm for up to eight hours)

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With many of us looking to drastically cut electricity usage this winter, a pair of £11.80 insole foot warmers have become a surprising bestseller on Amazon.

With thousands of shoppers looking for ways to heat the human, not the home, Amazon shoppers have put THE HEAT COMPANY Insole Foot Warmers through their paces, agreeing that they provide heat for up to eight hours of warmth without a power source. 

These extra-thin insole foot warmers can be used in all kinds of shoes to help to keep the feet and toes warm for up to eight hours. 

With over 3,000 five-star reviews, Amazon shoppers have confirmed they’re a must-have for outdoor activities as well as for around the house to keep warm.  


It’s said that if your feet are cold, then you’ll find it harder to stay warm, so investing in insole foot warmers could be a clever way to stay warm.

With more than 3,000 five-star reviews and an impressive overall average score of 4.5, it’s clear that these insole foot warmers from THE HEAT COMPANY are up to the challenge. 

Providing an impressive eight hours of warmth for your feet and toes, users agree they give ‘total comfort’ and are hailed an ‘invaluable asset on cold frosty days’.

The Insole Warmers activate themselves (air activated), so all you have to do is place them in your shoes and wait a couple of minutes to reap the rewards for up to eight hours.

Unlike a lot of single-use foot warmers, these insole foot warmers from THE HEAT COMPANY are useable for many months, if left unopened.

Many in-shoe warmers can often be bulky, but these extra-thin insole warmers have been called ‘amazingly comfortable’, not disturbing the feet when wearing and are suitable for every shoe.

The whole area of the sole is heated, too, providing a pleasant warmth for up to eight hours, so whether you’re gardening, dog walking, hiking or working, these are indispensable in cold weather.

‘Perfect solution for cold feet’: Amazon shoppers are loving the insole foot warmers for up to eight hours of warmth 

The floor is usually the coldest part of the house, so many users have kept THE HEAT COMPANY Insole Foot Warmers in their shoes for around the house too. 

One impressed shopper raved: ‘This product does exactly what it describes. I used them in my work boots, walking around on cold concrete floors. 

‘They kept my feet toasty all day and into the night when I transferred them into my slippers (didn’t want to waste the heat). They didn’t move in the boots despite not being adhesive on the back, or bunch up.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘As someone who suffers the mystery of cold feet most of the year, I have recently worn the insoles for cycling and a wedding celebration garden party. I was warm and comfortable all day.’

A third penned: ‘Bought these for my other half who was very dubious that they would work but he has really cold feet in winter, so gave them a go. 

‘First time he used them he was converted. They are brilliant. Stay warm all day and he can’t feel them in his shoes. Perfect solution to cold feet.’