This £9.49 running belt is the perfect workout companion 

‘You barely notice it on you’: Amazon reviewers say this lightweight running belt is the perfect workout companion (and it costs less than £10)

With the days slowly getting longer you might be discovering more motivation to get outdoors for a run.   

Whether you’re starting out with a Couch to 5K or are a pro-runner racking up the miles, you may have struggled to fit your phone, keys, cards and sports gels into your pockets.

This is where a running belt can seriously come in handy. Far less cumbersome than carrying a backpack and less jingly then shoving things in your pockets, a running belt is the perfect hands-free running companion. And according to over 5,000 Amazon shoppers, the £9.49 Eono by Amazon is the best of the best. 

Lightweight, functional and comfortable, the £9.49 Eono by Amazon Running Waist Pack is a big hit with thousands of runners 

There’s a reason why the Eono running belt has won over a legion of fans. Not only is it super affordable at under £10, it scores points for comfort, convenience and capacity.

The Eono is one of the more discreet running belts out there. Slimline and ultra-lightweight, the belt is designed to hug your waist and move with you so whether you’re running, walking or cycling it’s designed for maximum comfort. 

The simple yet effective design is fully adjustable with soft elastic strap, so fits various waist size from slim to wider. Just click it into place with the simple buckle.

Constructed with skin-friendly, soft material it’s breathable on your skin so won’t rub or chaff, putting you off your stride.

What’s more, the Eono is mainly made of water resistant Polyamide fabric so will ensure all your items stay dry, and keeps your phone and cards away from sweat.  

Fairly discrete, it’s arguably a lot nicer than a bum bag which can bounce as you run and shoppers have also preferred this to an arm band, as it hold so much more and is less heavy on the arms.

Despite it slimline design it can hold an impressive amount. The belt has two zip pockets offering fantastic versatility so whether you’re on a quick 5K and need just your keys and phone or on a longer run and want to pack cards, cash, gels and snacks – this has you covered.  

Thousands of shoppers agree that the running belt is a flexible solution to carrying your phone, keys, cards and cash while out for a run

Thousands of shoppers agree that the running belt is a flexible solution to carrying your phone, keys, cards and cash while out for a run 

Some 80 per cent of Amazon shoppers have awarded the running belt a full-five stars, with shoppers piling on the praise calling it ‘really functional and comfy’, ‘lightweight and so useful’ and ‘utterly brilliant’. 

One impressed shopper left a five-star review, writing: ‘I have to say I’m extremely impressed with this running belt! Comfort is second to none and you barely notice it on you.’

‘Storage volume is more than sufficient for a phone, a couple gel packs, keys and earphones etc but I’d recommend not over filling it other wise it’ll slosh around. Lastly it’s easy to maintain/keep clean, just throw it in the wash. This has definitely been worth the investment and makes those longer runs easier to undertake.’

A second agreed, adding: ‘perfect for running. I go running fairly regularly and I like to listening to music from my phone. I used to use an arm band phone holder but found them irritating and uncomfortable. This waistband is perfect… it’s comfortable, allows easy access to the zips, and more importantly the elastic waistband means it doesn’t bounce around when you’re running.’  

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