This is why I always keep a pair of pink tongs in my car in Australia: ‘It’s my go-to diving solution’

A Melbourne woman has revealed the ‘genius’ reason why she keeps a pair of pink silicone tongs in her car. 

Brittany Nash admitted she’s not the best driver and often struggles to reach the ticket machine in car parks. 

Instead of putting the car in park, unbuckling her seatbelt and awkwardly reaching out of the window – she instead uses the tongs. 

‘Whenever someone new comes into my car, they’re always like, “Brit, why do you have tongs in your car?”,’ Brittany said in a TikTok video. 

‘Okay, great question, but I have an even better answer.’

Brittany Nash, from Melbourne, keeps tongs in her car because she can never reach car park ticket machines as her arms are too short

‘You know, when you come up to those boom gates for the car park and they’ve got a little ticket machine, I can never get close enough to the ticket machine without my handy dandy little tongs,’ she continued. 

Brittany said the tongs were her ‘solution’ for ‘being a bad driver’ and she doesn’t care what others think. 

‘If there’s a person behind me, they always laugh at me. I watch them in the rearview mirror,’ she added. 

‘But you know what? I’d rather be that weirdo with the tongs who’s lowkey kind of smart than that person who’s like unbuckling and opening the door. How embarrassing! Okay, tongs for life.’

Brittany said using the tongs was her 'solution' for 'being a bad driver' and she doesn't care what others think

Brittany said using the tongs was her ‘solution’ for ‘being a bad driver’ and she doesn’t care what others think

The short clip quickly went viral and has since been viewed more than 212,000 times, with many praising Britt for sharing the tip.

‘As someone who’s short, this is genius,’ one commented, another said: ‘This is SO smart!!’

‘I am so doing this. Off I got to get some silicone grip tongs,’ a third admitted.

‘Please use them at Macca’s drive through,’ someone else added.

Another person tagged a friend and said they’re going to ‘buy tongs immediately’.