Tips to make your fragrance last longer

MANY people make mistakes when it comes to correctly applying their perfume. If you apply perfume properly, it will last longer and you won’t have to trouble yourself with applying it twice or three times throughout the day. Since purchasing an expensive perfume is typically seen to be worthwhile, it must be applied properly to get the most value.

Apply after shower

Actually, perfume really absorbs better into the skin when it’s warm and the pores are open. Many of us apply perfume as the final step before leaving the house. Applying it after a shower, while the skin is still warm and dry, is an excellent idea.


Use your preferred oil-based lotion or cream to hydrate your skin before applying your scent. The best moisturisers are those without fragrances, but if you want to experiment with other aromas, feel free to choose one that has fragrance. Moisturised skin will retain your scent longer than dry skin, so moisturise. Fragrances last longer on moisturised skin, and you will be able to smell them all day long.

One spray per spot

You do not want to over-apply the perfume, so when you decide where to spray it, be sure to just use one spritz per area. If you spray more than once in the same area, the scent won’t open correctly and won’t work as it should. Many perfumers claim that perfumes are usually over applied, and it’s an accurate assessment. The fragrance typically doesn’t smell the same when it’s over applied. Therefore, remember to just use one spray per area.

Focus on pulse points

Applying perfume immediately to your body’s hottest regions, usually your pulse points, will give it the most opportunity to remain on your skin. Because our primary arteries are positioned there, our pulse points are frequently heated. The wrists, behind your ears, neck, and even behind your knees are the most typical places. You can be confident that the scent will release no matter which pulse point you select. The aroma will be more easily transmitted thanks to your body heat.

Start with a light application

Avoid spraying cologne on any of the above hot body locations if you are new to using perfumes. Start with one spray on one location of your choice. If you observe that your aroma disappears soon, pick a different area and apply perfume there the following time. As you might grow nose-blind to odours you wear frequently, you might want to ask around to an expert or even to your friends if the application is okay.

Just dab

One of the most frequent mistakes made by fans of perfume is rubbing their wrists after applying it, not realising that doing so merely accelerates the scent’s fading. You prevent the head notes of a fragrance, which are the top notes that give it its distinctive aroma, from adhering to your skin by massaging perfume into your skin. You should really not anticipate the smell to remain for extended periods of time because the perfume notes won’t blend with the natural oils in your skin. Rubbing is another word for ‘friction’, and the heat it creates can change how the perfume interacts with your skin. Just allow your skin to accept the fragrance.

Spray perfume on your clothes

On clothing, perfume will last longer than on your skin. It’s a good idea to spray some perfume on your clothes if you want it to linger longer. But sometimes, you need to be extra careful, especially those that are brighter in colour, because it might leave stains on your clothing. It is better to test it out on a tiny section initially. Spraying perfume on synthetic textiles could also alter how it smells, so it’s better to stick to natural materials exclusively. Perfumes smell differently on your clothes compared to your skin. Applying perfume to your skin will cause it to mix with your own body odour and produce a distinctive aroma. Your clothing will only smell like the perfume in the bottle if you spray on them.

Once you begin using a certain cologne, you will become accustomed to the scent and may believe it has worn off. That being said, you shouldn’t apply it more than twice a day. Apply it ahead of time and apply it later when you genuinely feel the need; just be sure to keep it mild. Spray it on before you leave.