Trump indicted: NYPD orders all officers to report in uniform Friday ‘in preparation for anything”

All New York City police officers have been told to show up to work Friday in uniform for deployments around the city following the indictment against former President Donald Trump. 

An NYPD spokesperson told Fox News Digital that NYPD officers have been told to be in uniform by 7 a.m. but that there were no credible threats. 

“It’s just in preparation for anything that could happen,” the spokesperson said. 


A police officer stands in front of Trump Tower in New York, New York on March 22, 2023. – (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images)

Last week, the NYPD erected barricades around the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse ahead of a possible Trump indictment. Earlier, Trump urged his supporters to protest if he was arrested. 

The police directive came shortly after news that Trump had been indicted as part of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office’s years-long investigation for possible for hush money payments. The payments include transactions of $130,000 made to adult film actress Stormy Daniels, and the $150,000 payment made to former Playboy model Karen McDougal, Fox News Digital has learned. 


Hush money payments made to both McDougal and Daniels were revealed and reported by Fox News in 2018. Those payments had been investigated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York and by the Federal Election Commission. 

“This evening we contacted Mr. Trump’s attorney to coordinate his surrender to the Manhattan D.A.’s Office for arraignment on a Supreme Court indictment, which remains under seal,” a spokesperson for the DA’s office said. “Guidance will be provided when the arraignment date is selected.”

Federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York opted out of charging Trump related to the Stormy Daniels payment in 2019, even as Cohen implicated him as part of his plea deal. The Federal Election Commission also tossed its investigation into the matter in 2021.


“This is not an indictment of a crime—there was no crime—instead, this news is the indictment of a failed nation,” CEO of Make America Great Again Inc. super PAC Taylor Budowich said in a statement. “President Trump is promising to peacefully end the war in Ukraine, dismantle the deep state, and save our country by putting America first. For that, the political elites and powerbrokers have weaponized government to try and stop him. They will fail.” 

Fox News’ Brooke Singman contributed to this report.