Two men caught on camera hitting each other with helmets at S’pore-M’sia border

EVERYDAY, over 450,000 people cross the Malaysia-Singapore border, one of the world’s busiest land crossings. While most travellers adhere to rules, occasionally there are instances of misconduct.

Recently, a video of two motorcyclists fighting at the Woodlands Checkpoint went viral.

The 10-second video, posted by a user named Hiduo Sementara in the Facebook group “Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers (MSBC),“ has received over 9,400 views and more than 1,100 reactions.

The video, which lacks context, shows one person in a dark blue jacket throwing a red helmet at another person in a light blue shirt.

The person in the dark blue jacket then hits the other person in the back of the head and takes his helmet before rushing to his motorcycle.

In retaliation, the person in the light blue shirt strikes the other person with a grey-colored motorbike helmet.

The fight continues, with both parties exchanging blows.

The person in the light blue shirt tries to grab the other person’s jacket over his head while fighting and accidentally drops his helmet.

The video ends without any explanation of what led to the altercation.

While the Singapore border is known to be more strict than others, such incidents are rare.