VANZO Car Perfume Brand Teams Up with Marvel for Disney’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

IN honour of Disney’s 100th anniversary, Marvel superheroes and VANZO have teamed up to launch a new “Superhero Scent” series of car perfume, “VANZO x Marvel Series Car Vent Perfume”, was sold out on the first day of launch, and the market response was quite enthusiastic! Iron Man (black code), Captain America (secret musk), and Thor (English Pear’Freesia) have been transformed into adorable “fragrance heroes” to celebrate the 100th anniversary. VANZO has officially partnered with Marvel to create this new line of car perfume, providing a multi-sensory experience that captures the power and spirit of Marvel heroes.

The innovative design of the “VANZO x Marvel Series Car Vent Perfume” fills every car ride with a pleasant aroma. These fragrances use essential oil scent cards to diffuse the scent, contain no harmful chemicals and are made from natural, safe, and healthy materials. Simply place the product on the car’s air conditioning vent, and the fragrance will diffuse as the fan rotates. This small, convenient product is easy to use and replace, stable and non-fall-off, and will not harm the air conditioning vent.

Moreover, this limited-edition car fragrance series is a joint project developed by VANZO and Marvel, with unique elements and quality. Each product in this series features the MARVEL logo and a highly recognisable superhero icon, catering to Marvel fans. It adds a unique touch to your car and makes your driving experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

Now, Marvel superheroes and VANZO’s “VANZO x Marvel Series Car Vent Perfume” bring a unique and exciting new product. Each fragrance of the VANZO “Superhero Scent” series is priced at RM39.90 and is available at major department stores Parkson, convenience stores MiX Store, Health and Beauty retailer Watson, phone accessory stores, petrol stations Shell, and other locations throughout Malaysia. You can also purchase them through VANZO’s offline sales counters at Mid Valley and 1 Utama Shopping Centre or on their official website: .

Currently, VANZO is actively recruiting dealers to join their team. For more information, please visit .

The three characters of the “VANZO x Marvel Series Car Vent Perfume“ are Iron Man (black