Video of cyclists hogging country road in Hulu Langat goes viral, netizens peeved

A video posted on the social media platform X showing a group of cyclists hogging the road while the car trails behind them along Jalan Sungai Lui in Hulu Langat has gone viral.

In the 1 minute and 44 seconds video posted by user @nanmanjoi8715, the car driver can be seen attempting to take over a group of cyclists.

In the video, was the caption written “Road shared together”.

Instead of cycling in a single-file like they ought to, in order for vehicles to be able to use the road, the cyclists can be seen riding side-by-side, causing an inconvenience to the car driver.

At the 22-second, one of the cyclists can be seen gesturing for the driver of the car to overtake from the opposite lane but, do note that it was a double-lined road.

At the end, the driver had no choice but to overtake using the opposite lane. Of course, there were no cars coming in the opposite direction and the driver successfully navigated past the cyclists without incident.

The video which has since garnered almost 450k views has sparked fury amongst netizens. Many of them commented that they would not have the driver’s patience.

“It’s a double line and the cyclist wants him to cut,” commented a user.