Waxing shop nightmare; Customer requests happy ending

RESPECT is a two-way street, but it’s not the best idea to evaluate someone based just on their professional career. Everyone has the right to feel protected, regardless of what course of action they take.

A professional aesthetician from Johor Bharu named Xiao Rou recounted the specifics of how one of her clients requested for a hand job in exchange for more money on Facebook.

It first started with the client first asked about the cost of waxing private areas, but it didn’t take him long to admit what he really wanted.

“I’ll give you RM300 and in return, you’ll give me a hand job? Can?”

In an effort to attain the happy ending he desired, the persistent man sought to up the fee to another RM100 after Xiao Rou simply declined and replied, “No.” However, Xiao Rou rejected him and said “Please respect me. We are professional waxers.”

The man proceeded to inquire as to why Xiao Rou refused to work harder to earn the more money, which ought to have been his cue to stop.

However, Xiao Rou sarcastically asked the man to ask his own mother.

According to World of Buzz, she claimed that throughout her career as a professional waxer, this wasn’t the first time she had been asked an unpleasant question.

She also claimed that many other people in her industry experience similar harassment.

Sincerely, it saddens me that this is viewed as a form of normalized harassment. In contrast, asking for something instead of earning it significantly reduces its deservingness people. What do you think?