Wife concerned as husband cries during arguments and avoids responsibility

IN ANY relationship, especially marriage, it is normal to argue occasionally, but both sides must communicate to resolve the issue before it escalates.

A married woman has taken to submitting an anonymous confession on Twitter that her husband often cries when in an argument.

The anonymous young wife says that her husband starts crying when their argument escalates, and she is very concerned about this sometimes as she feels like she is to blame for his crying meltdowns.

Even when asking him to simply spend some time with his child, not even that often, the waterworks commence with the husband accusing the wife of not being understanding.

“For instance, my husband goes out to play futsal every night. When I ask him to stay at home once in a while to look after our baby, he cries at the end.

“He told me that I do not understand men and how I am ungrateful that he is not like other men who go out and cheat on their wives,” she said in her confession.

Now, she has become a lot more reserved and quiet as she says that she is to blame for most of their arguments and has resigned to handling childcare and household matters alone, even when she is working too.

“Now I just keep quiet as it seems to always be my fault at the end of the day. I take care of my child after getting back from work but he goes out with his friends and comes back around 11pm,” she added.

The anonymous wife now seems to regret her decision to marry him, stating that her husband never behaved this way before marriage, and had she known earlier, it would have made things a lot easier.

Netizens called out the husband’s behaviour as being emotionally manipulative to abscond from his responsibility in taking care of his child and his household.

“Crocodile tears to manipulate you. Don’t be fooled. You tell him to take care of his child and that too he wants to cry about it? Looks like he wants to escape from his responsibilities as a father and husband,” a netizen pointed out.

“It is normal for men to cry for many things however this is not normal whatever your husband is doing here. He makes a mistake and then starts crying to avoid confrontation. He is good at manipulating emotions to get away from conflicts,” another netizen said.