Woman in China leaves husband after three day marriage due to RM1.1k salary

In order to win her back, the husband has been sending his wife money every holiday but she only takes his money, remaining uninterested

FINANCIAL STABILITY is a requirement that many desire when looking for a partner but what happens when the truth of their partner’s income is revealed only after the wedding?

A woman in China reportedly left her husband after finding out about his meagre salary only after three days of their marriage.

In a report by Vietnamese portal eva.vn, reshared by Vocket, the planned union was agreed upon three years ago. During the period of their three-year courtship, the couple “rarely interacted” with each other.

It is also noted that the bride held no interest in the groom but agreed to the bethrothal due to pressure from her family to settle down as soon as possible.

Settling down into married life, the woman asked about her husband’s income to map out their finances but he was initially hesitant to reveal it.

“I am only a temporary worker in a company and only earn 1,800 yuan (RM1,170) per month,“ he confessed.

After hearing this, she decided to head back to her parents’ house and since then, has not returned.

However, the husband refused to give up on their marriage and tried to coax her to return but she brushed him off and told him that she still “wanted to remain in her hometown”.

The wife’s behaviour sowed the seeds of doubt within the man but he only wanted to save his marriage and thus moved into her family home. This living arrangements have been allegedly ongoing for over a year.

Every holiday, he sends his wife some money in hopes that she will reconsider the marriage but it turns out, the wife took his hard-earned money without much hesitation, not showing any sign of wanting to get back with her husband.