Woman runs into oncoming car after argument with boyfriend

It is a good thing the car was not speeding.

IN every relationship, disagreements are bound to happen and there are times when one party wants to prove a point in order to ‘win’ their argument. So how far would you go to prove your point?

A woman was seen putting her life on the line recently following an argument with a man presumed to be her boyfriend.

In a TikTok video by @officialawie, the couple were seen in front of a mini mart intensely arguing with the woman, wearing a long blue dress, engaged in a minor scuffle with her partner.

In the video, she got up and swiftly yanked her arm away from her boyfriend’s grasp and headed into oncoming traffic and with both arms extended. She then quickly walked toward a black car that thankfully stopped just in time, and threw herself in front of the vehicle, acting like she got knocked down.

The woman quickly got up from the vehicle and then walked away, with her boyfriend trailing behind, wearing a rather exasperated expression.

Netizens were mostly amused at the woman’s antics, likening it to a “Bollywood drama” and some jokingly speculated that since the argument happened in front of a convenience store, it was likely that the woman threw a tantrum because her partner did not buy something she wanted.

“Maybe the woman wanted to get something from the store but her boyfriend has no money,” a netizen jokingly commented.

“(She) has potential to become an actress,” another netizen remarked.

China Press reported that the young woman has been arrested following the incident on July 27 and was initially remanded for four days until July 31 but police applied for another remand in court until August 3 to further look into the case.

Police had received a report about the incident on July 17 and it was reported to have taken place at Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur.

The case is currently being investigated under Section 427 of the Penal Code.