Woman shares new colleague’s disdain toward hawker food

DURING work hours, most people prefer to cut back on overspending and opt for a packed lunch from home or cheap eateries especially when eating with a large group of people.

An anonymous worker shared in a confession page MamaClub on Facebook her dislike of her new colleague’s attitude toward hawker foods.

In the confession post, the anonymous employees together with some of her work mates decided to ask the new girl to join them for lunch in an effort to be welcoming.

“Normally, my colleagues and I would head to the hawker center since they have a good variety of food at a lower price.

“But, she wanted to go to a cafe instead and we went along with it since she was still new so we had lunch at a cafe near our workplace,” the employee said.

She said the food was delicious but overpriced. The next few days, the newbie constantly insisted to eat at cafes as “she was not used to the hawker center” and the confessor and her colleagues went along with it as she was still new to the company.

“By the second week, she still wanted to eat at cafes but we could not take it anymore so we decided on eating at the hawker center.

“The new girl could not back down on this one so she followed us with a sour look on her face,” she added.

At the hawker center, the new colleague kept on nitpicking the estblishment’s surroundings, aesthetic and right down to the hygiene of the place and it seemed that nothing about the place was to her liking.

The anonymous employee introduced her to her favourite noodle dish in an attempt to dissuade her dislike toward the cheap eatery however her efforts were all in vain.

“As soon as the food was served, she took a bite and said ‘Ew…Is this what people eat?’,” the worker recalled.

She mentioned that the new girl had a visible disgusted expression etched on her face which made the employee feel bad about her recommendation.

“Her behaviour left us speechless. My other colleagues and I agreed to not have her join us for lunch next time.

“We can enjoy our ‘peasant’ food and she can have her fancy cafe food,” she concluded her post.