Woman shocked at RM16 minuscule portion of meat served at famous PJ restaurant

IT IS very common for a number of dining establishments to charge astronomically for not only mediocre tasting food but seemingly abysmal portions.

A well-known restaurant in Petaling Jaya was called out on social media for charging an exorbitant price for a tiny pitiful portion of meat.

The customer, Cassandra, had posted on her Instagram story calling out the restaurant for their less than generous portion of char siu and siu yuk rice that costs a whooping RM16.

“Portion is a joke. Paid RM16 for this,” she said in her Instagram story.

World of Buzz reached out to Cassandra who said that she was taken aback at the portion of meat served and even inquired together with her father dining with her at the time the eatery’s staff on her minuscule serving.

The staff confirmed that she received the correct serving size of meat.

“We both were like shocked and we thought it was very ridiculous because of the price, it’s so expensive and the portion is so little.

“We even asked the lady ‘is this the normal portion?’ and the lady said ‘yes’,” she said.

Her father even echoed her shock at the mismatched price to the meal: “Huh? Paying RM16 for this?”