Woman working 16 jobs in China caught committing wage fraud

She even came up with a list to remember all the companies she was employed by.

WORKING multiple jobs can be physically and mentally draining but one woman managed to ‘juggle’ 16 jobs.

Recently, a woman in China was arrested for wage fraud after she was discovered to have allegedly 16 jobs in which she was not working for any of them.

Sin Chew Daily reported that the woman, Guan Yue (pseudonym), had faked her work experience in the 16 companies and meticulously kept a ‘clean’ record so she would not be caught.

Whenever she was on the ‘job’, she developed a tactic where she would take photographs of her pretending to meet clients before sending it to her many various employee groups. This was to ensure that she appeared as though she was working.

But attempting to fraud her many employers was no easy task and slipping up was a potential issue.

So Guan Yue came up with a solution where she kept a list of the companies she was employed by along with the date she joined the companies, position and salary.

It later turned out that Guan Yue was not the only one doing this, as she was allegedly working with her husband Chen Qiang (pseudonym) to commit “wage fraud”.

According to the police investigation, the couple would source these job opportunities to their peers when they were too busy handling their one too many jobs.

And in three years, the couple purchased a villa in Shanghai with the money gained from these fraudulent activities.