Woolworths shopper shares disgust on Facebook after finding fingerprints on her chocolate slab cake

Woolworths shopper’s disgust after finding ‘fingerprints’ on chocolate cake bought from the supermarket giant: ‘Hope they were wearing gloves’

  • Woolworths shopper has claimed she found fingerprints on her chocolate cake
  • She posted a photo of the chocolate slab cake on Facebook with four holes in it
  • The post claims a Woolworths employee may have picked it up while packaging 

A shopper has made an unsettling discovery claiming she found ‘fingerprints’ on the chocolate cake she bought from a Woolworths supermarket. 

The customer shared her disgust via Facebook on Thursday suggesting the cake had been handled by an employee while packaging the product. 

‘Ever wonder how Woolworths packages their slab cakes?’ She wrote on Facebook. 

A woman claims she found fingerprints on her Woolworths chocolate slab cake in a Facebook post on Thursday (pictured)

‘Fingerprints anyone? Hope they were wearing gloves!’  

Alongside the post was a picture of the chocolate block cake showing the baked treat with four indents on its side. 

‘As you can see I used a spatula to remove to lift it out,’ she added.

Woolworths told Daily Mail Australia it treats food preparation standards very seriously and are currently investigating the incident. 

‘We treat product quality seriously and always strive to uphold the highest food preparation standards.

‘We’ve apologised to the customer for their experience and will be looking into this with our store team.’   

The chocolate slab cake is a lesser known variety compared to Woolworths insanely popular mud cakes. 

In October, a Woolworths worker revealed the astonishing amount of mud cakes it sold per year since the product soared in popularity after its release in 2001.

Liam Kirley, who runs the Woolworths TikTok account revealed 1,920 tonnes of mud cakes were sold each year which is the equivalent to about three Airbus A380s.

On special occasions like Mother’s day and Father’s day, popularity surges with the supermarket giant selling three times the amount than usual. 

The famous mud cakes, which cost $4.50, are available in chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel.