YAKEB hopes ex-national athletes will be given more employment opportunities

SERDANG: The National Athletes Welfare Foundation (YAKEB) hopes more government agencies and government-linked companies (GLCs) will provide job opportunities for former national athletes.

YAKEB chairman, Datuk Noorul Ariffin Abdul Majeed, emphasized the importance of employment offers from these entities to ensure that former athletes can lead comfortable lives after their national athletic careers.

“We are actively working to collaborate with government agencies and GLCs to create employment opportunities for former national athletes. While the government has been generous with assistance, we believe that the lives of former athletes will be more secure if they are offered job opportunities,“ he told Bernama.

He said this after the football match between Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (KTMB) and the Selangor Ex-Football Players Association (PBPBS) organised by KTMB and YAKEB, among other activities, to raise funds for the Palestinian people here yesterday.

Noorul Ariffin stated that as the organisation responsible for managing the welfare of former national athletes, YAKEB is committed to providing opportunities for this group to apply their knowledge and experience to sustain their lives while contributing back to society.

“YAKEB hopes that government agencies, GLCs, or other corporate entities will join the ‘Learn From The Pros’ programme, where former athletes will serve as coaches to agencies or companies that come forward to collaborate,“ he said.–Bernama

Datuk Noorul Ariffin Abdul Majeed–Bernamapix