American couple ruthlessly mocked over Aussie-inspired baby name – before they reveal the bizarre meaning behind it

An American couple have been savagely mocked after revealing their decision to name their baby Brisbane, after the Queensland‘s capital city.

The parents, Rachel and Jordan Flom from Nashville, Tennessee, shared the name with their 1.1million followers on Thursday.

The couple, who share daughter Emerson, are expecting triplet boys and also revealed Brisbane’s brothers names: Baby ‘a’ is Locklan James and baby ‘b’ is Wilder Scott.

Brisbane is also affectionately known as ‘baby c’. 

, Rachel and Jordan Flom revealed the names of their triplets – with one causing a stir online

‘The name of Baby C is Brisbane Leigh. We might say Bris for short. Leigh is my middle name, and I lived in Brisbane, Australia for six months,’ Jordan said in the video.

‘It just meant a lot to me and I jokingly said the name Brisbane once. I don’t think it is a name, but we’re making it one.’

And while the parents appeared content with all three names – Brisbane stood out to the crowd.

Some people were huge fans.

‘Love Brisbane Leigh. I’m born, bred and still living in Brisbane, Australia,’ one woman said.

But others weren’t so sure.

‘These are my kids, Brisbane, Caboolture and Mackay,’ one Aussie joked.

‘Are you sure you want to do this to your baby,’ asked another.

‘It isn’t a name for a reason,’ said a third. 

While another suggested the name ‘Ipswich’ for their next child.

The couple deleted the video from TikTok but it is still on Instagram and Facebook where the comments are mostly positive.