Cop car gets a lift after poor parking job

It was a wheelie-bad parking job.

Police in Leeds, U.K., got an unexpected lift when they accidentally parked their patrol car over a set of retractable bollards near a pedestrian zone on Friday afternoon.

The bollards were protecting a pedestrian zone.
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Witnesses report hearing a loud bang before seeing the front of the Peugeot compact raised into the air as the bollards extended on a scheduled timer.

Saul Webster, a street peddler at the Kirkland market that captured the incident on camera, told SWNS that he saw the baffled police walk away from the scene.

“They’d stopped to move the spice [sellers] on and when they pulled up, the bollards lifted and the car was stuck. The spice [sellers] were giving them grief and laughing at them.”

“Everyone was shouting and screaming at them.”


A police spokesperson said the vehicle was recovered and would be inspected for damage before being put back into service.