Delivery rider takes over the kitchen when service was too slow

Have you ever waited for your food for such a long time and you truly believe you would have completed the cooking faster?

Unlike the rest of us, a delivery rider actually took matters into his own hands when he arrived at an eatery in Selayang. The kitchen was taking a bit too long to fulfil the order he came to pick up so he decided to help out in the kitchen instead.

In the viral Tiktok video by Muhd Ariff, the delivery rider could be seen pressing a roti canai dough while looking to the side. He was going to fulfil the customer’s order with sheer dedication.

Malaysian netizens who came across the video have full praises for the delivery rider with some humour as usual.

“Your rider is preparing your food,” a person commented.

Abang foodpanda is able to multitask, what about your BF (boyfriend)? Didn’t think so,” another Tiktok user wrote.

“Cust: Why are you late? Are you taking food or cooking food? Foodpanda: *shows video,” someone else wrote.

“The real superhero,” another netizen commented.

Somebody please reward the delivery rider for going above and beyond!