Food blogger shares tips on how to eat well in the run up to the festive period

Amy told Femail: ‘The 12 Dinners of Christmas is a pre-Christmas meal plan that will help you save time, money and get you in the festive spirit!   

‘I’ve created a Christmas meal plan that will take you right up to Christmas Eve. Everyone, including me, is usually so concerned about food for the big day, that we often forget to plan what we’ll be eating in the build up. 

‘We’re so busy shopping and wrapping, or writing endless lists, that dinner is often ready meals, takeaways or toast. This year I’ve taken the stress out of it. 

‘I’ve created 12 pre-Christmas dinner recipes, along with a meal plan and shopping list. 

The idea stems from Amy (pictured) previously scrambling around the busy festive period, meaning she’d often get a takeaway, or even end up snacking on toast for dinner

‘All of the meals are simple, delicious, on budget and with a bit of a Christmas twist. It’s one less thing you have to plan for and one less list you have to write.

‘Lots of the recipes share ingredients, which reduces waste and the cost of your shop.  All meals are festive crowd pleasers that will get you in the Christmas spirit.

The below can be made and eaten in any order, but Amy suggests the following plan:

December 13: Chorizo and Spinach Cauliflower Cheese

December 14: One Pan Cottage Pie

December 15: Dan Dan Turkey Noodles

December 16:  Stilton and Walnut Potato Skins

December 17: Roasted Carrot Soup with Cheesy Twists

December 18: Cod Rarebit  

December 19: Sweet Chilli Halloumi Wraps

December 20: Christmas (Eve) Fettuccine

December 21: Lemon and Garlic Chicken (The Rehearsal Mini Roast!)

December 22:. Bacon, Brie Flatbreads

December 23: Christmas Hotdogs

December 24:. Prawn Korma