Help us, Taylor! Native American group begs Swift to ‘be an ally’ in their fight to end the Kansas City Chiefs’ controversial ‘Tomahawk Chop’ celebration – claiming it is a ‘racist act’

  • Taylor Swift made headlines around the world after turning up at Arrowhead 
  • A campaign group are attempting to use her fame to help their own cause 
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A Native American campaign group has urged Taylor Swift to use her newfound position among the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase to help them in their fight to ban the team’s infamous ‘Tomahawk Chop’ celebration. 

A coalition of groups are in a long-running battle with fans, and have urged them to abandon the popular tradition, in which fans break into a ‘war chant’ while making a chopping hand motion designed to mimic the Native American tomahawk. 

Local groups have long argued that the team’s chop tradition and even its name are derogatory to American Indians. A similar ‘tomahawk chop’ chant was banned in recent years by the Atlanta Braves, and in England with the Exeter Chiefs.

Now, in an attempt to use Taylor Swift’s huge popularity, the one campaign group has called upon her and her fans to use their fame to help their cause. 

Speaking to TMZ, Rhonda LeValdo of ‘Not In Our Honor’, said: ‘We remain hopeful that an outside influence like Ms. Swift could be an ally for us in moving the conversation forward on why the chop is a racist act.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift were spotted together for the first time on Sunday night

Fans do the tomahawk chop during the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City

Fans do the tomahawk chop during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City

‘To us, that hand gesture is synchronized racism. We implore Ms. Swift to take the time to understand our perspective and the scientific and psychological research into the harm to youth and communities caused by such behavior.’

Taylor was actually videoed during the game while the chop was taking place, and she did not partake – although she has not publicly made her stance on the matter clear.

The rumored romance between the pop superstar and Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has made international news over the past few days, after she was spotted watching the game and then leaving the stadium with the man himself.

The pair drove away from Arrowhead in his vintage convertible, where they are said to have dined in a local restaurant – after she paid for the rest of the customers’ meals to clear the restaurant. 

Swift appeared to mouth the words 'lets f***ing go' as she celebrated Kelce's three-yard catch

Swift appeared to mouth the words ‘lets f***ing go’ as she celebrated Kelce’s three-yard catch

Travis Kelce drives Taylor Swift around Kansas City in his vintage drop-top

The pair - quite literally - rode off into the sunset on Sunday night

Travis Kelce drives Taylor Swift off into the Kansas City sunset in his vintage drop-top

Earlier, Taylor seemed to yell ‘let’s f***ing go‘ in response to Kelce’s third-quarter touchdown reception which saw him leading the Chiefs in receiving with seven catches for 69 yards and the touch down grab.

Taylor was seen in a TikTok clip straightening up the luxury box she sat in at the game, as she had multiple empty bottles and cups in both hands, ready for disposal.

The TikTok user said in the caption, ‘Taylor is cleaning up the suite,’ calling her ‘an angel’ after she showed off her consideration amid the clutter. 

No doubt eight-time Pro Bowler Travis was determined to put on the best show he could after inviting Taylor to this week’s game.