I Tested 13 Bidets. I’m a Convert.

Heated seat: This is really a standard feature on electric bidets, but it’s just so nice that I wanted to mention it again. I love the heated seat even more than I love the bidet.

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The bidet attachment I like the best, and the one we recommend at Wirecutter, is the Toto Washlet C200. It includes a full range of spray controls, temperature controls, and, of course, the beloved heated seat. But what really sets this model apart is the remote control. Operating the C200 is so intuitive that my 5- and 7-year-old kids picked it up with hardly any instruction at all. This also means that a curious house guest might even give it a try (either way, I guarantee that a bidet is an amazing conversation starter).

The C200 has other features that aren’t essential but that some might enjoy. The air dryer works but takes quite a while, as on all the bidets I tested. There is also an exhaust fan, to clear the air, and the bowl pre-mist feature. Both are fine, but they kick on automatically when you sit down, and I found them too distracting first thing in the morning. Others liked these features, so it’s purely a matter of personal preference. What’s so nice about the C200 is that if you choose to shut these off, it’s really easy to do with the remote. On other models, I had to scour the instruction manuals and, in one case, search the internet for a way to stop the automatic features.

The C200 usually costs more than $400, so it’s a big investment, but it’s right in the midrange for a full-featured electric bidet.

If you’ve never used a bidet before, getting one is a leap of faith. So if you’re not sure that a focused spray of water directed straight at your backside is your kind of thing, you can opt for a much cheaper cold-water model, such as the Brondell SimpleSpa Thinline Bidet Attachment (SS-250). Like the other stripped-down cold-water models, it has only a cold-water sprayer, pressure control, and a self-clean function. The SimpleSpa model has a sleeker look than many others, and, at around $30, its price falls in line with similar entry-level models. It doesn’t require an outlet.

The SimpleSpa is a good place to start, but it really shows only a fraction of what a bidet attachment can be. Once you get used to cleaning yourself with a spray of water, don’t be surprised if you find yourself considering a more advanced model, like the C200. By leveling up, at the very least you get the heated seat, and I guarantee you’ll like that.