Innovative inspection technology

MyTukar’s parent company, Carro, has unveiled a new advanced technology inspection system that ensures certified cars as good as new

THE digital platform for used cars and myTukar’s parent company, Carro, has recently unveiled its 160-point inspection procedure accompanied by in-house patented technology at its primary refurbishment centre located in USJ.

The 95,832 square-foot refurbishment centre, among several similar facilities in Carro’s key Southeast Asian markets, will be rebranded into Carro Care in collaboration with Jardine Cycle & Carriage in the coming months.

This collaboration signifies a substantial strategic partnership, as both Carro and myTukar place great importance on inspections, refurbishment, and aftersales services within their business strategies and are therefore eager to expand and enhance their technical services.

Carro CEO of International Marketplace, Fong Hon Sum, says, “Our refurbishment centres underscore Carro and myTukar’s commitment to providing high-quality used cars that customers can trust. Carro Certified and myTukar Certified cars are a testament to our dedication to stringent quality control and exceptional customer service, making used car buying a transparent, trustworthy experience.”

The comprehensive 160-point inspection and refurbishment process includes “myTukar Certified” and “Carro Certified,“ which prove that the used car has been checked over and fixed up fully, leaving it in a condition akin to that of a new car. These designations are given to vehicles that pass a 160-point inspection, have not changed mileage, and have not been involved in a major accident, fire, or flood.

The rigorous 160-point inspection includes expert body and paintwork reconditioning, mechanical repairs (engine, steering wheels, suspension, transmission, brake, gears, and tyres), interior refurbishment (electronic repairs, dashboard refurbishment, leather stitching, and headlining repair), and a final inspection and test drive.

Besides that, the refurbishment centre has also implemented two groundbreaking patented technologies that are widespread in the region to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). These technologies include acoustic engineering and computer vision.

The acoustic engineering technology is seamlessly integrated into an internal application, housing an extensive library of car engine sounds from diverse makes and models. Its primary function lies in the detection and diagnosis of potential engine issues.

In parallel, the second technology, computer vision, exhibits a remarkable ability to identify and offer insights into even the most minor dents, scratches, and other pre-existing body irregularities. These technological advancements not only significantly augment efficiency but also enhance the effectiveness of our team of experts and inspectors.

Carro Vice President, International Operations, Kyran Wong, says “Our cutting-edge facilities are meant to enhance efficiency and quality within our processes. That way, our highly certified inspectors, technicians, engineers, mechanics, and paint experts can focus on what really matters—overseeing vehicles that ultimately meet world-class standards.”

Carro boasts a total of 14 refurbishments and workshops across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand (which will all be rebranded into Carro Care in phases), with a total monthly maximum capacity of 2,800 cars that can be refurbished and serviced. “It was important for us to streamline and standardise all processes across Southeast Asia.

I’m excited for our next steps with Carro Care, as we continue to scale up our refurbishment and aftersales capabilities with our partnership with Jardine Cycle & Carriage,” says Carro Co-founder and Group CEO, Aaron Tan.