Man shares unpleasant experience attempting to seek help for injured biker on SUKE Highway

A MALAYSIAN man recently shared his unpleasant experience while attempting to seek assistance for an injured biker by calling the SUKE Highway’s hotline, World of Buzz reports.

On April 25, while driving on the SUKE Highway, Nic noticed an injured man sitting by the side of the road, waving for help after he exited at Hulu Langat/Taman Putra. Assuming he was the first to come across the injured motorcyclist, Nic got out of his car to check on him and found that he had a 4-inch-long cut on his ankle and was in pain.

Nic used his shirt to bandage the wound and removed the victim’s helmet so he could breathe. He attempted to call the SUKE hotline at 8:09am, but received no answer after a minute of ringing. He then called the center, but the line was disconnected.

After 999 was unable to connect him to Hospital Ampang, he was linked to Hospital Kuala Lumpur, and an ambulance was dispatched.

Nic made at least six more calls to the SUKE hotline between 8:22 and 8:36am but received no response despite repeated attempts.

The ambulance arrived 15 minutes after Nic’s initial phone call to the Hospital Ampang rescue team, and Nic commended them for their swift response.

However, he expressed disappointment that the SUKE emergency squad did not control the area for safety reasons. Nic also shared his sadness about the lack of support from several Malaysians during this incident.